India’s leading decision sciences provider collaborates better on the cloud


Solution Background

When data is at the heart of your business model, the need for effective communication and collaboration follows naturally. One of India's leading decision sciences and analytics providers wanted a robust and scalable communication and collaboration solution. They had faced issues with a third party hosted, cloud based collaboration solution that could not scale to meet their demands. Slow service and sporadic connectivity along with poor technical support meant that their existing solution could not scale to meet their exponential growth needs. To top it all, their current solution was not cost effective as well, leading to dissatisfaction on multiple fronts. With marquee clients from the Fortune 500 roster, access to enterprise class productivity tools that could drive intense, powerful client interactions would be a significant competitive advantage.

Quickly, we discovered that a whole gamut of customer activities, right from purchasing tickets to food and beverages, to in-complex entertainment such as gaming were directly impacted by the reliability, scalability and efficiency of their IT systems. Currently, their internal IT team was stretched to deliver on increasing demands placed by an ever growing number of customers, coupled with aggressive and innovative plans by the management to deliver more and more services to their customers. They were pre-occupied with firefighting recurring problems, and had little or no time to devote to the management's goals of improving customer experience and increasing revenues.

Quadra at work

Public cloud based SaaS offered the best price-feature matrix, and along with compelling economics, the decision to move to Microsoft's Office 365 was made. However, this was the easiest part of the project. Their existing hosting provider offered very limited tools and options to migrate their data. Further, business demands and ongoing projects necessitated that they had to do the migration in a phased manner.

The mandate from our client was very simple: zero end user disruption. With our trademark process driven, comprehensively managed and delivered migration, we helped our customer to truly appreciate how cloud based IT could positively impact and transform their work style. By effective use of native and third party tools, we narrowed down on the optimal methodology to migrate their data from their existing service provider. Right from end user interaction to setting up complex federation and synchronization tools, our team rose to the occasion and delivered the integrated solution with portal based collaboration, instant messaging and social networking capabilities.

Business Benefits

Process driven methodologies, deep experience and a keen understanding of customer business requirements helped us to deliver yet another zero downtime migration project. A completely integrated collaboration experience with cloud based storage meant that users could efficiently create, share and innovate. With clients across the globe, meeting and presenting online between clients and teams was now streamlined and cost effective with web based communication and presentation tools. Industry leading storage, security and compliance standards meant that management fears of data security and availability were put to rest. With SSO through ADFS and cloud based management, our services team also helped cut administrative and management expenses.