Automobile component major eliminates high availability and disaster recovery risks with a move to the cloud


Solution Background

Effective communication and collaboration is the backbone of any organization, and more so in a mobile-first world, where work is not a place where you go, but instead something you do regardless of where you are. Our customer, one of the most well-known automobile majors in the country, was using a legacy messaging platform, which was struggling to keep pace with increasing demands from their end-users. At the same time, the IT team was also struggling to effectively manage the system, which was stressed under huge mail volumes. Data security and reliability were becoming serious concerns which needed to be addressed at the earliest, and a recent natural disaster which resulted in an organization wide data outage added to their woes.

Continuity was important, which meant effective and efficient migration of their intranet applications to the new platform was essential. The ability to manage emerging scenarios, such as BYOD and mobile application management were essential with an increasingly diverse and geographically dispersed workforce. Added to this was the need to manage the challenging security landscape.

Quadra at Work

In a rapidly evolving work environment, it was clear that managing an on-premise environment would be expensive and would require significant administrative overheads . Even if a subs tantial investment were to be made, the ability of an on-premise system to keep pace with changing needs would make it unviable in the medium to long term. Given our keen unde r s t anding of the ir bus ine s s environment, we proposed a SaaS based solution as the best alternative to their aging on-premises solution. Our expert consultants helped in building a PoC which helped convince the customer how the proposed solution could address their business and technical needs. In order to minimize disruption to end users, our consultants proposed a hybrid deployment model to make the process of data migration smooth. We followed the mail migration with a phased deployment of other key collaboration workloads, including audio/video conferencing and also a corporate intranet. A digital chat driven workspace which integrated their various collaboration solutions was also implemented, which greatly aided end user productivity

Business Benefits

The most powerful benefit of the new SaaS based collaboration solution has been the improved productivity of their employees. Tasks that used to take a significant amount of time prior to the solution deployment are now accomplished on the fly. With a bevy of collaboration tools, employees are now able to choose the most apt tool for their specific needs. Data security and availability are taken care of, being a cloud-based solution, thus obliviating the need to invest in a separate set of tools and resources. Increased resource limits have removed boundaries that were hampering productivity through disparate data stores. With simplified administration and manageability, IT pros are now able to focus on supporting business goals rather than fighting daily fires. With a world-class intranet that supports all of their business application needs, users can now rely on a single portal to access all business information and workflows.