Global player in intelligent systems leverages new, profitable working models with secure, virtual application delivery

Healthcare Services

Solution Overview

Our customer is a global player in intelligent systems focused on connecting people with technology. With multiple business divisions, their use of innovative tools and processes, along with cutting-edge technology, including AI had ensured that they were among the leaders in every business domain they operated in. With tens of thousands of users across the globe, they were by far the leading provider in their industry. However, given the nature of the business, it still remained people driven at the core, which meant they needed to constantly look out for, and enable a talented workforce to deliver services to their customers.

One of the most viable workforce segments to this business model remained the work-from-home category, but given the security and data challenges, this was a model they could not exploit in full. Another complexity was the presence of a stable and reliable internet connection, something that could not be guaranteed or standardized. A combination of custom software and strict security and compliance regulations meant that they could not adopt traditional desktop models for delivery, which meant that a pool of talented workers which they could otherwise tap into could not be utilized. Relying on this model for delivering services would be a win-win proposition for both their workforce as well as their business, as it would provide them significant cost savings, while providing flexible, high quality service delivery.

Quadra at Work

During a discussion with Quadra's virtualization and application delivery consultants, they came up with this vexing problem, for which they had tried several solutions in the past, but with limited success. With Quadra's deep technology experience, we were able to come up with an innovative solution model. We quickly designed an architecture, and also carried out a proof of concept, demonstrating to our customer that this would indeed be a viable and stable solution that would meet all their important business needs. The customer was highly impressed with our ability to think out of the box and come up with a unique solution. Along with the technology OEM, we quickly developed a secure virtual desktop delivery solution, that could scale to several thousand users, while at the same time being able to run in full compliance with their data and security regulations. We went ahead with an end to end managed roll out, ensuring that we minimized business risk and project delays for our customer.

Business Benefits Realized

A hitherto untapped business model could now be leveraged to the hilt, leading to significant business growth. A combination of reduced delivery costs, while providing a productive work experience for their employees meant that this was a win-win situation. Data security and compliance needs were fully met, and the IT administration team had complete control over the deployment, ensuring that they would never have cause for concern. With advanced security features including DLP, ATP and GPO available, data loss concerns were virtually eliminated. Standardization of desktop images and software tools meant that end-user training was greatly simplified, leading to enhanced productivity, at a cost per desktop that was a fraction of cost compared to traditional in-house business models.