Redefining application development and delivery for a leading analytics and BI application provider

Software Development

Solution Overview

Our customer is a leading analytics and BI application provider to global clients and had established their reputation as a successful brand worldwide. As the popularity and demand for the application grew rapidly, our customer was looking for a highly scalable but cost-effective solution to help their application address a global customer base. With several thousand users accessing the application at any given time, it was important that the migration process to any new platform proceed without any end user impact, as this would negatively affect the customer experience. It was essential that due diligence be carried out on the environment where the app would be hosted, as healthcare customers comprised their primary user base. This meant that the cloud environment would need to be compliant with all global health care compliance standards and certifications. As they used Active Directory internally for user authentication, it was important to establish integration with their on-premises directory to ensure uniformity in access and security policies.

Quadra at Work

At Quadra, we always strive to approach a potential technology solution from a business point of view. With our significant experience across multiple cloud platforms, we were well placed to elucidate the benefits and advantages of the various options. We suggested one of the most popular cloud platforms in the market, known for its high-quality enterprise support ecosystem, and compliance with numerous certifications thus meeting a very important criteria for our customer. We helped the customer to carry out a structured evaluation exercise to finalize on the platform of choice. Among the criteria we considered were the availability of integrated services that would meet not only their software development needs but also identity and access management, data and information security needs. High performance and availability across multiple data centers across the globe for minimal latency were also important criteria that we considered. Our cloud consultants helped put in place a migration plan, which included creating multiple VMs on IaaS infrastructure for high availability and redundancy. With a site-to-site VPN, we also ensured secure connectivity with their local datacenter. With MFA we also ensured an additional layer of access security.

Business Benefits Realized

With a highly scalable, reliable and compliant environment, our customer now has access to a powerful platform to publish their application to a global audience, while at the same time reducing cost of delivery and ensuring a great end user experience. With secure access and granular security policies, data security concerns have been eliminated. The cloud deployment has provided a firm foundation for our customer to grow their business globally, without adding to their overheads and infrastructure costs. As more components of the customers LoB application become platform ready, we will be in a position to help our customer to further reduce cost of development and delivery by leveraging cloud platform services