Enforcing security and compliance without compromising end user productivity for a global retail major


Solution Overview

Our customer is a globally leading retail enterprise. With a renewed focus on the fast-growing Indian retail market, they had set up their office in Bangalore. A robust IT infrastructure was the need of the hour, as their end-user count numbered in the thousands. Traditional IT management solutions would leave their IT professionals hard pressed to deliver secure, uninterrupted IT services to their substantial end-user base. As many of them were to be used by staff sitting in various geographical locations spread across the country, the IT team wanted an automated way to control the installation of licensed software so that they could remain compliant. They also wanted to make sure that only specific people in the system were provided the right kind of software licenses

Quadra at Work

With our strong experience and established competency in providing IT system management solutions, Quadra was asked to evaluate their infrastructure and provide a comprehensive solution that would meet their core business needs. Our infrastructure consultants had multiple rounds of discussions with the customer to understand the intricacies of their IT infrastructure, and more importantly, their key business requirements. Based on the customer's needs we suggested one of the most widely used and well-known system management tools. We also recommended deploying a highly available, redundant architecture, given the 24x7 nature of their work. Of particular importance to the customer was the ability to scale the solution to accommodate multiple sites across the globe, as well as to handle rapid growth and expansion within India. By segregating users in groups based on their job roles and need to access corporate data, we created application deployment rules that helped to automate and reduce risk of manual error. A workflow was set in place whereby most common tasks could be initiated by the end users themselves, with minimum IT intervention. As long as their group membership allowed the request, it would be automatically taken care of. We also standardized the client OS images, even while accounting for the differences in hardware environments, thus ensuring strict compliance and security while easing administrative burdens.

Business Benefits Realized

With a comprehensive solution, our customer has been able to take control of their entire IT environment. Compliance concerns have been fully addressed, even as end-users have the freedom to use the software they need as long as they have access permissions. IT software costs have been optimized, as they now have a single dashboard to track expensive software usage and metrics.

Shadow IT concerns have been eliminated, even as the new controls provide more flexibility and enhance end-user productivity. Standardized OS images have greatly reduced support overheads and simplified IT administration. Real-time data on asset inventory in the form of a unified dashboard now provides their IT management with the ability to leverage precious IT budgets for productive, business focused goals.