Improving patient outreach for a global pioneer in eyecare

Client: Sankara Eye

Healthcare Services

Solution Overview

Our customer is a leading eyecare service provider in India, serving the public for more than forty years now. Headquartered in South India, they are operating with a mission to provide the best eyecare to the visually impaired in the society. With millions of eye surgeries, most of them offered at highly subsidized prices for the poor, they had created an unmatched legacy. Our customer was looking forward to expanding their reach to a larger populace and extending their services to an even larger segment of people who were seeking for treatment and assistance for their visual handicap.

Business Challenges

Our customer had a website published from their local web server, but they were not able to meet intermittent peak demands which were happening more frequently of late. They had a DNS services offered by a third-party service provider, but outages were common and there was significant latency resulting in viewer frustration. There was a heavy dependence on the Internet Service provider too. Adding advanced web functionalities in their website was a distant reality that denied them the luxury of including more patient-side functionalities.

Quadra At Work

Our customer had been with us for a long time and had benefitted from our consultancy services. When they approached us for a long-time solution, our technical team started with analyzing the web app infrastructure, its redundancy aspects, scaling capabilities, bandwidth, the DNS service challenges and storage availability. Our tech team also discussed with the application team and understood the application architecture in detail.

Solution Overview

Our technical consultants decided that Amazon Web Services offered the most technically sound and commercially viable solutions to the challenges that our customer was facing. We recommended that they move their DNS service to Amazon Route53 and host their web app on the EC2 instances in the Amazon cloud. The IaaS that AWS provided was the best fit to our customer’s requirement as it also provided auto-scalability and other essential tools that will help monitor and manage the web app functionality. Amazon CloudFront was the best-fit content delivery solution for providing excellent user experience. Amazon CloudWatch provided a transparent view of the cloud services that the customer would use so that metrics could be measured and finetuned for Security, performance, availability and cost efficiency..

Business Benefits Realized

After the implementation of the solution in the Amazon cloud, the customer has been able to address the challenges that they were facing with an on-premises solution. AWS EC2 offered the auto-scaling facility that provided scaling up and scaling down features that improved cost efficiency resulting in significant cut down in infrastructure cost that had to be spent upfront for additional compute power, storage and bandwidth. Investment in hardware was offset by five million rupees. Route53 also provided a reliable web app routing feature that was always on and up for the end-users and provided them the best experience. Now, the customer could add more features to their application that would help them enrich their service delivery to more users. More health campaigns could be launched, and better data management could be done with the current solution on the AWS cloud. Monitoring of the web app real-time was a bonus that could also help in efficient cost management. Alerts and alarms could also be customized for effective management of the solution.