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Client: ALTEN Calsoft Labs

IT Enabled Services

Solution Overview

Our customer is a part of a large business group that provides next gen digital transformation, enterprise IT and product engineering services to global clients, enabling them to innovate, integrate, and transform their business by leveraging disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, mobility, big data, analytics, cloud, IoT and software-defined networking. They have delivered unmatched business value to their customers through a combination of process excellence, reusable frameworks, technology innovation, integration and transformation.

Business Challenges

Our customer’s web site was deployed in an on-premises environment, but they were facing several maintenance issues because of the inherent limitations in a typical data-center. They could not scale up their application delivery at will during peak demand hours. Investment in additional hardware was a costly affair that their finance team was not ready to approve immediately. The IT team was on tenterhooks as they had to constantly fight fires during peak load times. They also lacked the flexibility to scale down resources during off peak hours. Another key concern was that the security of their system was below par, opening up vulnerabilities for attackers to steal their valuable IP. They were also heavily dependent on the ISP for effective delivery of the application to the end-users.

Quadra at Work

As a long terms trusted technology partner for our customer, when they approached us with this specific requirement of expanding the reach of their web application to a larger number of users, our technical consultants started with understanding the existing infrastructure for the application, along with their key business needs. During our discussions with the development team, we realised that the development, testing, iteration and moving the new version of the app to production required a new environment that could meet the demand while remaining flexible in terms of cost. Additional investment in hardware was out of question as the demand was unpredictable to enable sizing of servers, storage and bandwidth.

Solution Overview

Our technical team suggested the AWS platform and educated the customer on the features that Amazon provided to address their business challenges. By helping them understand the inherent scalability and redundancy of the AWS platform, we recommended that their application be hosted on the EC2 instances with high availability. Auto scaling also would help the solution scale up during peak requirements and scale down during normal operational levels thereby providing the perfect balance between performance and cost savings. AWS S3 would take care of the any additional storage that might arise in the future. We also proposed the AWS WAF solution that helped them define customizable access rules to address the security issues. We also recommende AWS CloudFront to help enhance their end-user experience by improving the quality of application delivery. With AWS CloudWatch, we could help them monitor and manage their cloud assets effectively.

Business Benefits Realized

With AWS, we could provide a high performance yet cost effective solution with minimal changes to their application architecture. They saved more than seven million rupees by avoiding additional investment in hardware and related infrastructure. They improved their security posture with WAF solution, providing peace of mind to their IT team. The DevOps team also now had freedom to experiment with various iterations to their web application with the agility that the cloud environment provided. Storage pains became a concern of the past. Notably, their finance team was very pleased that they could avoid capex, and instead could treat the cloud investment as opex. . Cloud Watch was a big boon to the IT team, as it helped them optimize their spend by continuous monitoring and also helping them take advantage of the pay-as-you-go model that AWS provided.