The future is hybrid

A strong IT infrastructure is essential for robust organizational growth and business agility. On-premises and hybrid IT continues to be the largest share of IT investment, and our Enterprise Services team has deep experience across multiple partnerships to ensure that we provide you with up-to-date and business outcome focused solutions.

Strong IT = Strong Business

Quadra’s Enterprise Services Group enables your IT infrastructure to be more agile than ever to support new and emerging computing trends, such as private and public cloud infrastructure, green IT, mobility, consolidation, virtualization, and social computing. We believe that IT infrastructure needs to be scalable and flexible to accommodate business continuity plans, and support compliance and regulatory demands, both current and future. The future lies in adopting a service-based strategy to serve internal demands.

We take great pains to ensure that we are ahead of the technology curve, so that our customers are provided with the best possible advice, gleaned from our real-world experience, for new technology adoption. We can help you:

Deliver a combination of onsite consultancy and service delivery to remote management

Cut complexity, achieve operational excellence, and optimize costs

Transform internal IT to align with business strategy.

Our managed services give you freedom to focus on your business, by reducing cost and increasing security and availability.

Achieve the right balance between cloud and on-premises infrastructure.

We have deep partnerships with the leading vendors in the industry to ensure that you get access to the right technology, expertise, and skills to take your business to the next level. Our partnerships include:

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