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We connect technology and your business to deliver seamless digital transformation

Quadra is a global award-winning cloud infrastructure solutions provider, and a trusted technology advisor to India’s top business houses and brands, helping them to navigate technological change and complexity, while enabling them to connect technology with business outcomes.

Quadra’s deep skills and experience, by harnessing a team that possesses more than 750+ professional IT certifications, combined with innovative services and custom IP solutions have helped over 3,000 customers modernize their businesses.

What we do

We help build agile and intelligent enterprises

Quadra helps you to move away from traditional, discrete IT rollouts to build a business outcome focussed technology backbone backed by continuous managed services that help you to rapidly adopt technology to meet changing customer and market needs.

Future-ready enterprise
Future-ready enterprise

When it comes to predicting the future, the most potent clues come from the past. While electric power led the second industrial revolution, the shift from analog to digital...

Centers of Excellence

In a disruptive business environment, we can provide the vital edge to your business with modern, rich cloud productivity tools that can help your employees...

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The need to leverage technology as an integral part of your success has never been as strong as today. Building on our extensive services and domain experience...

Happy Customers

Diverse Verticals. Award Winning Services. Happy Customers

Customer experience is why we exist, and it's why we do the things we do. When you establish customer centricity as the reason for your existence and growth, then it becomes ingrained in your culture, in your ethos, in everything that you do. It has been our privilege to work with some of the biggest names in industry.

Powered India's first virtual live surgery conference, which facilitated continued access to high-end medical education to five hundred plus doctors from more than twenty-five countries amidst worldwide travel restrictions.
Enabled one of India's largest private sector banks to safeguard their sensitive data across 70,000+ employees and millions of customers, by securely wrapping all their LoB mobile applications as well as implementing cloud application security and advanced threat analytics.
Implemented a unified identity management and mobility solution that secured corporate data while delivering seamless application access for 22,000 users in a leading multinational pharmaceutical major.
Deployed desktop-as-a-service for several hundred users in a decision-sciences major, enabling them to onboard new employees spread across the country seamlessly inspite of a nation-wide lockdown.
Delivered virtual cloud and application deployment to provide bullet proof security and compliance for a leading payment products provider, that enabled employees to embrace secure, compliant productivity without fear of data loss or breaches.
Moved critical production workloads to the public cloud for one of India's leading pharmaceutical manufacturer, and helped reduce costs, while increasing operational efficiency, security and easing manageability.
Transitioned SAP HANA to the public cloud for a global manufacturer of air-conditioning solutions and delivered increased reliability and availability while reducing costs and overheads.
Deployed a secure endpoint security solution for employees of a leading global technology consulting and digital solutions provider, spread across 30 countries. We delivered a powerful, unified approach to security without compromising end user experience.
A global customer service experience pioneer gained from our holistic, integrated security information and event management solution which helped to streamline their security posture, while delivering actionable insights.
Implemented desktop-as-a-service solution for India's leading integrated solution provider for hydrocarbon industry, enabling more than thousand employees to adopt WFH securely and efficiently while delivering a superior end user experience.
India's bellwether IT services leader benefitted from our deployment of a modern, scalable backup solution for thousands of virtual machines. We delivered an automated DR solution that ensured business continuity and access to applications in any eventuality.
India's leading clean and renewable energy producer benefitted from our innovative Threat Doctor security assessment. We helped to establish a security baseline, and delivered a comprehensive, enterprise-wide security solution.
Implemented a secure mobility solution for the field workforce at one of India's leading online financial solutions providers and prevented data loss through consumer applications for BYOD devices.
Helped the nation's leading engineering and R&D services provider, and a global leader to implement Workz, Quadra's timesheet management application along with LoB integration for more than 70,000 users.
Delivered a secure work from home environment along with an enterprise grade security and compliance solution across hundreds of users for one of India's fastest growing bigdata analytics services and solution providers.
A global governance, risk & compliance leader streamlined their business processes while sharpening their focus on security through Quadra's deployment of a secure access solution for their corporate data.
One of the country's leading clothing wear brand effectively managed the lockdown situation by moving to a modern cloud collaboration platform, enabled by Quadra. We also provided rapid enablement and onboarding services for a seamless transition.
Migrated the legacy communication systems for one of India's largest textile manufacturers and exporters to a class leading people productivity platform while delivering adoption and change management services.
Migrated web and mobile applications to the public cloud for one of India's leading financial services technology provider, empowering them to deliver on their goals of inclusive financial growth through simple, secure and powerful rural banking services.
One of India's premier technical institutes could go online within a few days of lockdown being imposed – benefitting hundreds of faculty and thousands of students. Our teamworked tirelessly round the clock, including weekends to make this a reality in just a few days.
Enabled a hybrid mobile security implementation in a first of its kind deployment that secured data and application access for 15,000 users in a multi-billion-dollar energy, logistics and infrastructure conglomerate.
Enabled a remote work solution for one of India's oldest banks, ensuring uninterrupted access to corporate data, and empowered seamless operation of their mission critical applications to ensure uninterrupted services for their end customers.
India's largest construction conglomerate benefitted from our deployment of Visitorz, Quadra's innovative visitor management solution for more than 26,000 users. We provided an intuitive user interface while enabling LoB connectivity for flexibility.
One of India's most innovative FMCG companies moved to an all WFH model in a secure, cost effective manner, made possible by Quadra's implementation of a digital workspace solution along with an employee productivity management solution.
One of India's largest cloud-based business software solutions providers secured devices, applications and data through our unified identity and device management solution, along with cloud application security. We augmented it with sophisticated analytics and deep security visibility.
Delivered a modern, unified collaboration platform that enhanced employee productivity, business agility and superior customer experience for a global leader in digital transformation services and IT consulting.
One of India's most prominent automobile suppliers gained access to a modern collaboration platform that was quickly set into place in days. With multiple training sessions across hundreds of users in each session, we ensured business continuity without any challenges.
Helped one of India's largest universities to move classes online, as well as efficiently share notes and collaborate in a secure and efficient manner. This feat was accomplished in just five days, enabling thousands of students to resume their education.
Enabled India's leading BFSI and telecom BPO service provider with a desktop-as-a-service solution for uninterrupted access to business data through work from home. We delivered rapid roll out and quick provisioning of users for a seamless transition.
Empowered a leading provider of shipping solutions to seamlessly transition to an online collaboration platform, with voice, video and document sharing, improving employee productivity and experience while ensuring zero business disruption.


Technology neutral, vendor agnostic solutions

We like to think of ourselves not as a technology company, but instead as a customer-focused company that leverages technology to deliver business results. Thus, when it comes to delivering a technology solution, we don’t begin with technology. Instead, we start by visualizing the customer experience and their business needs, and then arrive at a technology stack that delivers this experience.

At every stage of our customer interaction, we make sure that we put customer needs first— always.



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Build a happier workplace

Our culture is our brand

Some things never change at Quadra

From day one of our existence, we have always believed in one philosophy - the power of customer experience. This belief has been central to our journey as team, and as an organization.

We have seen tectonic shifts in technology and business models over the past few decades, but one shining light has always burned bright through this chaos, and that is our single minded focus on putting our customers at the core of everything we do.


Put customer interests first, above all alse


Be a trusted adviser, not just a technology partner


Connect technology to
business outcomes

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