Building a custom communication platform using low code for a world leader in providing design and technology services

Solution overview

Our customer is amongst the world's leading providers of design and technology services across industries including automotive, broadcast, communications, healthcare, and transportation. As is the case in most enterprises, email was the primary mode of internal communication. However, it was not always the ideal solution, as emails tended to get buried in daily work, and it led to important company communications getting missed out. What they wanted was a dedicated communication platform to ensure that every employee received crucial business information on time and without fail. Group messages should reach the intended audience, as well as provide feedback to the sender on whether these messages were read and acknowledged. Security was of paramount importance, as these involved sensitive internal information, and the application should support governance and policy-based management of messages. They wanted a solution to make sure that senders or requestors would be able to create, schedule and obtain approval for group messages in a pre-defined workflow. This was also a use case which did not warrant full-fledged application development: it would be time consuming, expensive, complex and difficult to maintain.

Quadra at work

When the customer approached us with this need of a communication platform for their ten-thousand strong user base, we initiated discussions with various stakeholders to understand the communication types, application flow and other requirements. We then recommended an industry leading low-code/no-code platform, which would also integrate with their existing collaboration and productivity platform. The advantage with this approach was that the proposed app could be built quickly and at low cost, without compromising on functionality. It would also enable the customer's internal IT team to customize or add features, as it was a citizen developer platform. Our CASG team designed a user friendly interface and built the functionality quickly. We used existing infrastructure to store data, which meant that the architecture remained simple, yet secure. We also developed workflows for sending out notifications and reminders. The tool utilized standard communication templates to ensure that content could quickly be created and disseminated. The built-in approval workflow also ensured that the required permissions could be sought easily and scheduled for sending at the prescribed time and date.

Business benefits realized

By leveraging a robust low-code/no-code platform, we could deliver on an important customer requirement without incurring heavy expenditure, or adding to complexity and administrative burden. In a short span of time, the customer had access to a high quality app that did not compromise performance and security, and yet was simple, easy to maintain and also offered the ability for their internal teams to customize. All internal communication that would go as notifications or announcements would go now through this app instead of emails, ensuring that it reduced mailbox clutter while making sure that the intended recipients read and acknowledged the communication. By building on a familiar user interface, we made sure that there was no learning curve for their end users. The automated workflows take care of approval requests and sanctions so manual efforts in creating, forwarding, following up and dissemination of messages by phone and other traditional mechanisms are drastically reduced.

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