Delivering secure, anywhere access to corporate desktops for a diversified Indian multinational conglomerate

Solution overview

Our customer is a diversified organization in India, and one of India's most valued business groups. They have hundreds of vendors, partners and suppliers spread across the world collaborating with their principals and providing services to their customers round the clock. These partners use our customer's environment for daily work. While VPN access was the most prevalent method of accessing data, it was not without its share of issues – VPN could guarantee secure access, but not security of data being transmitted. This method also meant that their IT security team could not control the endpoints. VPNs also slowed down performance and had multiple issues due to compatibility issues with the client application. Thus, the customer needed all the secure access that a VPN could provide, but also wanted more – control over data, endpoints and applications. Moreover, they wanted these desktops to be made available on demand to their partners who could be anywhere in the globe, but with the access, security and compliance controls their business mandated. Applications had to be standardized, and corporate data on these desktops had to be secured, without expensive investments in remote support and end point management. Their current solution required a lot of manpower and monitoring, while also being complex and difficult to troubleshoot when things went wrong.

Quadra at work

When our customer approached us for a single solution to these complex needs, our consultants quickly narrowed down on the solution – a desktop as a service solution from the leader in this space. With our deep experience and expert skills, we were well placed to help our customer make the transition from their current solution to the proposed architecture. But before we started, we made sure we captured all their key business needs, and multiple environments that were in place. We delivered a quick PoC to make sure that all the key use cases could be met, helping the customer to secure management buy-in. Post this, we rolled out the DaaS solution to all the users. Unlike the earlier solution, the DaaS solution provided them with inherent application and data controls, as everything was centralized and delivered as a service. Updating apps or applying policies without knowing if they worked for every endpoint was an issue of the past. We also added a secondary authentication mechanism to ensure additional security.

Business benefits realized

Contrary to common perception, with highly optimized virtual desktops, end users could use them without any noticeable performance impact, even on slow internet connections. End user profiles and data were stored securely in their file server; allowing for instance restore in the event of any corruption. The need for an endpoint management system was eliminated, as all the desktops, apps and data could be managed from a single console. This meant that they could not just save costs on third party applications, but also reduce the administrative overheads that multiple solutions would impose. The solution was also scalable instantly – users could be added and removed at will, without any impact. This was of great support to a fast-growing business. The solution delivered a great TCO, as it reduced the difficulty in managing disparate systems, and the need for dedicated and trained manpower for specialized tasks. Now, a small team could manage all end user desktops from a centralized location beginning from provisioning machines, configuring apps, creating policies, enforcing compliance measures and decommissioning of desktops.

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