Deploying cloud-based virtual desktops for a SaaS unicorn

Solution overview

A prominent SaaS unicorn, specializing in AI-driven autonomous software for finance management required secure , scalable access to thei applications and data for their interns.

The challenge was to accommodate the diversity of devices under the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy while streamlining costs associated with their current cloud-hosted infrastructure.

The enterprise sought an innovative solution to balance the increasing demand for device flexibility and the imperative for cost-effective resource utilization, without compromising on security and integration with their existing suite of productivity tools.

Quadra at work

Quadra proposed a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) hosted in the cloud, renowned for its seamless integration with widespread productivity and identity management services. This Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution was tailored to significantly trim infrastructure-related expenditures.

A comprehensive Proof of Concept (PoC) was initiated, focusing on specific success metrics to ensure alignment with the enterprise's operational objectives. The PoC's favorable outcome led to the migration of over 2000 users, encompassing a blend of individual and communal virtual desktop configurations, into the DaaS environment.

Business benefits realized

The implementation of the cloud VDI solution delivered a host of benefits for our customer, including cost, security, efficiency and operational excellence. It facilitated diverse session modes, catering to a spectrum of user requirements from general-purpose tasks to development-heavy roles.

The hybrid deployment model adeptly bridged onpremises assets with cloud-hosted desktops, while advanced security measures fortified access control and data protection, upholding rigorous compliance protocols.

The transition from the former VDI provider to this contemporary cloud-based platform yielded significant cost benefits, augmented by automation scripts that optimized resource utilization.

Enhanced remote access capabilities ensured uninterrupted connectivity across a myriad of device types. The VDI's customiz ability offe re d a personalized user experience, and its scalability features allowed adaptable resource provisioning.

User profile management was refined for multi-user environments, enhancing operational efficiency and user satisfaction. This strategic technology shift not only consolidated operational workflows but also fostered a secure, compliant, and cost-efficient operational ecosystem, propelling the fintech enterprise towards greater innovation and market responsiveness.

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