Deploying zero trust security for one of India's most admired business houses

Solution overview

Our customer, one of India's most admired business groups has ventured into a diverse range of industries from humble beginnings. They have rapidly expanded to related as well as new age businesses, and demonstrated success at every step, enabling them to take pole position in every vertical they operate in. Such visionary, rapid growth across so many diverse industries demands a very strong digital backbone. With a huge user base of technology, a significant number of them handling sensitive data, the organization was badly in need of a fool proof solution that would secure their environment. Every user's identity, every data store, every app and every device needed to be protected with restricted access to the right target audience. While they still had some traditional security solutions in place, they wanted to integrate all of them with their current SaaS subscription, and better leverage the security and compliance features for enhanced all-round protection. They were looking for a partner that had experience in designing and implementing security for large and complex networks.

Quadra at work

Zero Trust is a security model based on the principle of maintaining strict access controls and not trusting anyone by default. It is an IT security model that requires strict identity verification for every person and device trying to access resources on a private network, regardless of whether they are sitting within or outside of the network perimeter. With this objective in mind, our security consultants started the engagement with a diligent study of all the use cases and captured all the scenarios that would be brought under the Zero Trust Security. We also identified integration capabilities of their existing security solution investments. We then set up a Proof-of-Concept activity with a limited number of users in the system. We created the necessary IT and security policies in their current SaaS solution, and helped them to tap into their platform's powerful data stream through a unified programmability model. We integrated on-premises apps with their currently deployed security solutions, and also created compliance policies and connectors to secure access and to protect data.

Business benefits realized

Implementing Zero Trust Security has reduced business and organizational risk for our customer. They also gained control over both their cloud as well as on-premises environments. With all essentials compliance policies in place, the risk of data breach has been substantially reduced. Users that login once to access a particular subsystem in the environment are rechecked for their credentials using Multi Factor Authentication if they needed access to another subsystem, app or data. Whether an insider acts maliciously or carelessly, or veiled attackers make it through the perimeter, automatic access to data is not a given. Now our customer can confidently support initiatives that give their employees and customers more flexibility. The Zero Trust model enables analysts to harness insights from market data providers, synthesize with their own models, and dynamically work through different client scenarios whenever and wherever. In such a large and complex environment as that of our customers, no other model other than Zero Trust would be effective in neutralizing security threats, including latent and emerging ones. Our comprehensive deployment, along with integration with their existing security solutions – instead of a rip and replace model, allowed them to fully leverage their existing investments. Thus, we ensured additional protection without an attendant increase in cost or complexity.

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