Elevating infrastructure: A pharma giant's cloud modernization journey

Solution overview

In the dynamic pharmaceutical industry, a global corporation recognized the urgency to enhance its data management systems. Transitioning from traditional data centers to a cutting-edge public cloud platform became a strategic imperative to boost security, agility, and responsiveness to market demands. The company planned to revamp its data center operations to optimize resource utilization, seamlessly scale with business growth, and maintain compliance with industry standards.

Outmoded hardware and sluggish application delivery were among the key challenges the company aimed to surmount. The envisioned outcome was a scalable, nimble, and compliant data ecosystem conducive to rapid application development and long-term data retention, enabling the company to stay ahead in the fastpaced pharmaceutical sector.

Quadra at work

Quadra's role was pivotal in facilitating the pharmaceutical giant's smooth transition to an industry-leading cloud service environment. This strategic move was geared towards mitigating the limitations associated with physical data centers. Our certified experts, in collaboration with the cloud service provider's seasoned team, managed a significant migration of workloads to the cloud, minimizing downtime and operational disruptions. The comprehensive migration plan encompassed shifting to cloud-native databases and serverless architectures, with a focus on upholding stringent GxP regulatory standards.

Quadra's approach included a robust data governance framework, ensuring seamless integration and data synergy across an expansive network of systems, and culminated in the successful migration of a suite of applications and the integration of extensive storage solutions, all while establishing secure and streamlined connectivity across the enterprise's network.

Business benefits realized

The pharmaceutical leader benefited from a transformed cloud architecture, featuring a multizone virtual private cloud setup that bolstered system resilience. Quadra's implementation of a transit gateway ensured a reliable bridge between on-premises systems and cloud operations, while a well-structured landing zone with comprehensive auditing and security measures was established.

Innovations included the integration of single signon via identity management services, the creation of distinct virtual networks for development, testing, and production, and their interconnection to facilitate communication.

The cloud deployment strategy was enhanced by a rigorous backup regimen and the utilization of a suite of cloud services that reinforced the company's security framework and streamlined administrative processes.

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