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Solution overview

With a vision to be the most respected NBFC in the country, our customer has retained the tradition of providing the bestin-class services to their customers. Today, they have grown into one of the most trusted financial services groups in India. They run multiple applications in their system – LOBs that are used by staff, management as well as their customers. Due to limited connectivity at the data center, branch users were finding it difficult to access the applications which are hosted in their DC. With many critical applications in place, there was also no application-level load balancing to meet surging traffic at peak hours. Also, support from the service providers was not satisfactory as our customer was holding on to legacy systems that were mostly outdated. This was directly impacting the productivity of the users and the company was facing huge opportunity loss. If they wanted to remain leaders, the way they delivered their applications had to be relooked and the entire system revamped to meet the need of a customer-centric enterprise. Security needed to be built into the application for remote access so that the apps and the data they handled remained safe in the control of the enterprise.

Quadra at work

Our customer was running financial apps-far too critical for the business to remain complacent. They needed a tested and proven solution that would give them an edge over the competition in the already flooded market. With a dedicated team to handle such advanced solution needs, including consultation, implementation, management and maintenance and as a trusted solution advisor to our customer, we recommended a software driven solution from the industry leader in application delivery. The proposed solution featured an SSL VPN built in for the users to access the apps from any remote location but through a very secure channel. We integrated an SMS gateway into the solution and built a native ADC MFA for 2-way authentication. We also set in an endpoint analysis scan feature for pre-authentication & post-authentication. With automatic fail over being available as an inherent feature, we could meet the customer's high availability needs. Our consultants implemented endpoint analysis scans with MAC address and AV checks. We also created multiple instances with HA for branch access. We activated the load balancing feature for critical applications, to ensure that they were always available.

Business benefits realized

All branch users were able to access the internal applications from their endpoint devices, as the solution offers users safe access to all corporate apps. The system policies allowed only authorised users to access respective apps, nullifying the possibility of data leakage. MFA made the access foolproof for the end user. Our certified and experience team ensured peace of mind for the customer, as we could provide them with round the clock support for any business critical needs. As an extended arm for our customer, we provided them with the confidence and assurance that they could deliver apps to thousands of users without any performance issues or downtime. We could thus design, implement and support a scalable infrastructure that enabled seamless access to applications, empowering their end users to continue their tradition of providing high quality customer services. What was also heartening was the fact that we could deliver these business benefits without our customer having to incuranyheavycapex, or administrative overheads.

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