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Business Challenges

One of the largest and well known entertainment destinations in the country, with over 3 million annual customer footfalls  approached us with a need to revamp their IT infrastructure with an overriding goal in mind : power a whole new experience for their customers. To deliver on this requirement, our ESG team embarked on a study of their business model, and analyzed the IT infrastructure touch points for their customers.

Quickly, we discovered that a whole gamut of customer activities, right from purchasing tickets to food and beverages, to in-complex entertainment such as gaming were directly impacted by the reliability, scalability and efficiency of their IT systems. Currently, their internal IT team was stretched to deliver on increasing demands placed by an ever growing number of customers, coupled with aggressive and innovative plans by the management to deliver more and more services to their customers. They were pre-occupied with firefighting recurring problems, and had little or no time to devote to the management's goals of improving customer experience and increasing revenues.

Quadra at work

One of the first things our delivery team undertook was to comprehensively map the existing IT assets and study how it could be optimized from the ground up, instead of planning for additional investments. There were numerous departments within the entertainment complex, each with differing demands on IT, and with varying customer interaction levels. We planned and executed a complete revamp, starting with a directory services infrastructure with stringent controls and security, that ensured a rich customer experience, with no disruption and little or no wait times. We also factored in the innovative customer services, such as WiFi and gaming that were on the anvil, and ensured that these IT high touch customer services seamlessly co-existed with the traditional services such as ticketing and billing.

Business Benefits

Next on the cards is a comprehensive network management solution that would optimize usage and reduce routine administrative tasks. Again, we were able to empower  our   customer   with a productive IT environment by applying an intimate knowledge of their business processes and relating them to a robust and scalable IT infrastructure.

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