Financial Services

Financial Services

Enhancing financial services infrastructure with dedicated 24/7 managed services

Solution overview

A financial information service provider, licensed by the RBI, faced significant challenges in managing their cloud-hosted mission-critical applications, which are under the governance of SEBI. The organisation’s team was keen to focus more on their core business objectives and wanted to delegate the running of their mission critical infrastructure to a trusted partner. Recognizing the need for an adept and responsive management solution, it was proposed to provide comprehensive 24/7 managed services.

‍This service included a thorough assessment of the existing infrastructure, adoption of the latest cloud technologies, continuous monitoring, cost optimization, along with rigorous attention to automation, security, and compliance. The provision and de-provisioning of services on the cloud platform were also a critical component of the solution, ensuring agility and responsiveness in the dynamic financial sector.

Quadra at work

Quadra, through its Max-IT managed services, brought to bear a suite of solutions designed to address the uptime and management challenges faced by our customer. The service leveraged a deep understanding of cloud infrastructure to provide continuous assessment and adaptation to evolving cloud technologies.

Monitoring was intensified to preempt potential issues, and cost optimization strategies were implemented to deliver financial efficiencies. Automation was a cornerstone of the service, streamlining operations, while compliance and security were bolstered to meet the stringent standards required by financial regulators. The provisioning and de-provisioning of services were executed with precision, ensuring resources were allocated effectively to meet the demands.

Business benefits realized

The engagement with Quadra's managed services yielded substantial benefits for the financial services provider, the most important of which was the ability to sharpen focus on their core business activities, since their digital estate was being managed by us. Resources were provisioned swiftly, facilitating early market entry and enhanced competitive positioning. The optimization of resources led to tangible cost savings, while proactive monitoring practices significantly reduced the risk of potential system issues.

Application uptime saw marked improvement, directly impacting the reliability and trustworthiness of the service. Additionally, the organization's security posture was strengthened, instilling confidence among stakeholders and customers. Overall, the managed services provided by Quadra transformed the operational landscape for our customer, ensuring high standards in data integrity and system availability, critical to unlocking the value of financial asset information.

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