Enterprise project management solution helps USD 4 billion+ manufacturing major to manage hundreds of projects in real time

Solution Background

With close to 20,000 employees operating across nearly 60 countries, our customer is one of the world leaders in electrical engineering and software, with multiple business units spanning industrial automation, test & measurement and aviation. With an unwavering commitment to selling high quality and reliable products, while at the same time contributing to a sustainable global environment, they had a unique co-operative culture that involved a close working relationship not just among their global workforce, but also with the customers. When you do business at this scale and reach, the value of efficiency in operations cannot be stated enough. The smallest of delays can set off a chain reaction that can have organization wide ramifications, and thus project management becomes a vital cog in their operations.

Quadra at work

Over a period of time, our customer had setup and use a number of solutions and tools for project management, and this in itself was causing delays. Instead of contributing to efficient organization, reduced risk and higher quality, the multitude of tools was actually causing the opposite effect. Over multiple discussions with the customer, our services team proposed an Enterprise Project Management platform based on Microsoft Project. This would give access to enterprise class features in a familiar and intuitive interface, that would work well with their existing software investments, while also being cost effective and easy to manage. A key requirement was to customize the project management workflow based on their operations, while efficiently handling resource capacity planning and resource allocation through various capacity planning scenarios and schedule management.

Privilege and access controls were key requirements as well, and we implemented a set of privileges that controlled access to information across multiple organizational hierarchies. We helped to configure customized reports for resource planning and loading both within and across groups, with a list of exceptions such as over loaded or underloaded resources within departments to provide their management with the visibility they needed to efficiently manage their operations.

Business Benefits

By standardizing the entire project management needs of the organization in a single platform, we could deliver deep visibility and insights into operations, resulting in greatly enhanced efficiency, along with optimal productivity and employee satisfaction. By providing team members with the ability to update their time sheets from any device, we greatly reduced manual efforts such as emails. Offline as well as online options to update data ensured flexibility in using the solution. Automated email alerts helped to quickly identify deviations and escalations. With an end to end solution that included resource sizing, architecture planning and design, right down to end user training, we ensured that our customer was able to realize significant business benefits while not being encumbered with the deployment and management of a complex solution.

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