IT-Enabled Services

IT-Enabled Services

DevOps Transformation Journey of a Leading Fleet Management Provider

Customer overview

Customer is a technology-focused data-driven startup providing end-to-end connected mobility solutions to fleet owners and businesses enabling better control of their vehicles and assets. Its intelligent fleet management and GPS tracking software helps companies manage day-to-day tasks in a modern reliable and user-friendly way avoiding the need for spreadsheets and inflexible software.

The Customer team has already begun their digital journey by hosting their application Lokkate in the cloud. Lokkate is a fleet management system that provides comprehensive information about fleets including fuel capacity driver performance routes taken and predictive maintenance alerts.

Business Need

Customer was running their fleet management application on AWS Cloud using Amazon EC2 and Elastic Block Store (EBS). They aimed to rearchitect the application hosting with container technologies to reduce costs, minimize operational overhead, enhance security, and create a highly available and scalable architecture. The new solution needed to address the following challenges in their current architecture:

  • Manual deployments causing delays in release frequency.
  • Lack of Static Analysis Security Testing (SAST).
  • Challenges in maintaining tracking changes, versions, and deployments during rollouts.
  • Manual scaling up and down causing downtime during peak hours.

These pain points led Customer to seek AWS expertise for an AWS-native DevOps solution with standard security practices.

Quadra at Work and Solution Design

Quadra’s AWS Solutions Architect Team connected with Customer's application team to gain comprehensive insights into the application modules. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we recommended implementing DevOps practices using native AWS Developer Tools to establish an automated CI/CD pipeline and leverage AWS Native Container solutions, resulting in a highly available and resilient design.

  • Amazon ECS: Used as an AWS native container orchestration platform.
  • AWS CodeCommit: Employed for secure private GIT repository to maintain the code base and track changes.
  • AWS CodeGuru Security: Utilized for static application security testing (SAST).
  • AWS CodeBuild: Used for automating builds tests and generating reports.
  • AWS CodePipeline: Initiated for orchestrating end-to-end software release pipelines.
  • Amazon CloudWatch: Provided visibility into pipeline execution with detailed logs and metrics for monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • AWS CloudFormation: Included infrastructure automation within the CodeCommit repositories.

Quantifiable Improvements

Leveraging modern DevOps tools and practices provided the Customer team with significant improvements:

  • DevOps Automation: Increased release frequency and faster time-to-market by 60% for the Lokkate application.
  • Infrastructure Setup and Management: Decreased setup and management time by 80% using AWS CloudFormation reducing operational overhead.
  • Developer Collaboration: Improved significantly by leveraging the fully managed AWS CodeCommit version control system enhancing productivity.
  • Streamlined CI/CD Workflows: Reduced manual tasks by 85% minimizing errors and enabling faster iteration cycles.
  • Automated Testing and Continuous Integration: Helped identify defects early in the development process increasing software product quality by 75%.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Automated Rollback: Ensured quicker recovery from release failures reducing downtime and maintaining service reliability by 90%.

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