Metal manufacturer moves SAP to the public cloud resulting in performance boost, while enhancing security and reducing cost

Solution Background

Our customer provides high end industry specific design solutions. They manufacture precision sheet metal fabrication parts and mechanical assemblies. They have national and international clients. They are well positioned to be a technology leader in their domain. Our customer was running several workloads in a third-party datacenter. SAP was one of them. But they experienced issues in the performance of the SAP server. They could not add servers on-demand. Neither could they scale up resources. Nothing was in their control. It took several hours for the service provider to respond. This resulted in huge business loss. It was also delaying the migration of their ERP to the S/4 HANA system. Switching to another service provider would not serve any purpose. The challenges were because of the sub optimal on-premise infrastructure. Hosting the servers in their datacenter involved huge investment. This was not a productive use of their working capital, and the customer was looking for a trustworthy technology partner who could advise them on the right option to pursue. It was critical that the technology partner should offer not only consultation but technical support too. Given the business critical nature of their SAP application, it was also imperative that the partner should also have experience in dealing with such challenging cases.

Quadra at work

Quadra had been in the enterprise cloud domain for long. We have solved several such business critical problems for our customers. It demanded thorough application of technical expertise and experience, as cloud service providers are dynamically adding services and functionalities all the time. We strive to be up to date on these changes. Our customer approached us with their predicament. Our technical team has moved production workloads to the cloud in the past. We worked with their team to define a clear path for migration of their SAP system. Here again, we chose on of the major public cloud providers, as this was the customer’s preferred choice given their business needs. With SAP being a major workload for any cloud solution provider, SAP and the public cloud provider in question have been collaborating for long to provide customers with the best possible user experience, resulting in SAP certifying the public cloud provider for production deployments of SAP applications, platforms, and database. Quadra set up a PoC for the customer and demonstrated the technical viability of the solution to the customer. The customer saw the merits of moving their ERP to the AWS cloud. Once convinced, we moved the production server to a cloud instance. Provisioning more VMs depending on load became easy. We added the features to aid monitoring the VM instances, and also enabled auditing to allow the the customer to keep watch on who does what and when in the system.

Business Benefits

Our customer now has direct access to their infrastructure, inspite of being on the public cloud. They can manage and maintain the infrastructure and have a better control than before on their business system. Security concerns are a thing of the past, as the SAP Infrastructure has been hosted on a secure platform with 54+ third party certifications. Production data is being secured by enabling security controls and configurations. Our customer can scale up or down the VMs based on the use. They can turn on QA/Dev servers whenever required. The production workloads are running on the New Gen Compute processors. So, performance is consistent. S/4 HANA planning and testing have become easier. During the migration, we spun up HANA certified EC2 instances, and this gave us the flexibility to speed up their migration process. As a bonus, our customer is now to free explore other add on cloud services, such as IoT, AI and ML solution for their predictive maintenance. They can also explore quality assurance and asset and equipment monitoring. The infrastructure is now completely monitored and managed through a cloud monitoring service, while the auditing and alert service brings proactive alerting systems resulting in better end-user experience.

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