Revolutionizing VLSI application development with cloud technology

Solution overview

In the dynamic world of VLSI application development, a leader in semiconductor design encountered scaling challenges as their growth outstripped the capabilities of their existing data center. While adept at delivering projects within tight timelines during their nascent stage, the company's burgeoning expansion introduced complex project demands that their IT infrastructure could not accommodate.

This bottleneck led to significant project delays due to the need for continual infrastructural adaptations for each new undertaking. The company also grappled with the scarcity of data storage solutions, which was critical for maintaining extensive archives over 7 to 10 years. Furthermore, the establishment of robust development and quality assurance environments was stifled by the limitations of their IT infrastructure, creating inefficiencies within their hybrid workforce model, which divided employees between home and office settings.

Quadra at work

Quadra proposed a transformative cloud-based computing solution tailored to the company's intensive computational demands. This robust solution provided a versatile environment capable of supporting their computer-aided engineering (CAE) workflows. Featuring an array of computing resources, a high-speed network backbone, scalable storage, and integrated cost management, the solution was poised to streamline operations and adapt to varying project scopes. The Quadra team adeptly facilitated the secure migration of considerable data volumes from the client's traditional file storage system to a more dynamic and scalable cloud-based file system. Utilizing a sophisticated cloud application migration service, applications were transitioned with minimal disruption from an on-premises infrastructure to a versatile cloud computing environment.

With an aim to solidify the production environment, Quadra deployed a comprehensive cloud formation template, crafting an architecture that incorporated autoscaling compute resources, elastic file storage, simplified storage services, and virtual workstations. This architecture was bolstered by robust security services, serverless computing functions, a search service cluster, and load balancing mechanisms equipped with cost allocation tags to streamline financial oversight.

Business benefits realized

The shift to a cloud-centric environment ushered in a new era of operational excellence for the semiconductor firm. Enhanced scalability facilitated seamless workload management, fostering an ecosystem where real-time analytics and smarter integrations flourished.

This cloud infrastructure led to significant cost efficiencies and provided fertile ground for advanced custom coding and automation, revolutionizing the company's operational model.

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