Secure, compliant access to corporate data enhances productivity at a century old bank

Solution overview

As one ofthe most respected players in the banking industry, our customer had built a strong and loyal customer base through decades of trust, integrity and commitment to customer success. Email is the most preferred form of communication worldwide and is the lynchpin of a great customer service experience. Like all organizations, our customer's employees need instant access to email regardless of location, time or device. However, the situation was not as straightforward as with other verticals. There are security and compliance concerns that necessitate controlled access to email, as confidential information and documents can otherwise find themselves in un trusted hands. These concerns had led the customer to restrict web access to email, as this would otherwise open up thousands of potential endpoints for data leakage. Obviously, this was not an ideal solution, as even senior management found it difficult to access email on the go. The need was to allow secure, controlled access to email, while not compromising on end user productivity. The customer also needed to audit end user activity, while also adding additional layers of security such as MFA to minimize the risk of any threats. All these benefits were needed, but the solution also had to be cost effective, and quick to roll out, as there was a looming RBI deadline.

Quadra at work

Throughout our long association of more than two decades, our consultants had built a very detailed understanding of the customer's business needs and unique technology requirements. This helped us to quickly narrow down the solution to one that would tick all the boxes – secure, compliant, compatible with their existing infrastructure, while also being cost effective, scalable and quick to deploy. We recommended an industry leading solution for secure private access, along with secure virtual application and delivery. We also included endpoint management features. Over multiple discussions with their CISO, we mapped solution features to business requirements, making sure that every requirement was addressed. As part of the deployment, we integrated the secure access solution with their on-premises directory, paving the way for single sign-on with MFA. Their web-based access URL was published through on-premises components deployed on VMs in their data center, and we applied restriction policies that dealt with copy/paste, printing, downloads, and navigation. We also ensured that the deployment was compliant with all our customer's data protection requirements, as this also involved cloud components. Issues such as data tenancy and replication were addressed to their satisfaction.

Business benefits realized

The secure private access solution enabled secure, anytime, anywhere web based access to their corporate email, in a manner that was compliant with all their business needs. Granular access privileges meant that they could provide customized experiences for different categories of end users, and apply appropriate restrictions. What was notable was that they did not have to invest in multiple technologies, as the solution provided all the functionality they required without the need for third party products or integration. This greatly helped them to control administration and management issues. Interestingly, inspite of the complexity of the solution, we could complete the roll out in less than two days, ensuring that there was no business impact, yet making sure that every end user had the features and flexibility that they required. There was no additional learning curve for end users, and the solution TCO was very appealing over a multiyear period.

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