Transforming data management for a biotech firm

Solution overview

Our customer is a clinical stage biotech entity, engaged in the creation and evolution of innovative cancer therapeutics. With a network of experts dedicated to leveraging their profound oncology expertise, they aim to foster the well-being of cancer patients globally. Their operations across various research facilities generate immense data, necessitating an efficient, secure, and scalable storage solution.

The aspiration to facilitate seamless collaboration amidst a diverse team of on-site and remote researchers further emphasized the need for a modernized data management infrastructure. They encountered several hurdles in their quest for enhanced data management and collaboration, including:

  • Data Growth and Management
  • Collaboration and Remote Work
  • On-Premises Legacy Systems
  • Data Security and Compliance
Quadra at work

Quadra, through a thorough understanding of their distinctive challenges, proposed that they replace their outdated on-premises file server infrastructure. A coprehensive Proof of Concept(PoC) demonstrated the potential scalability and reliability of the solution while preserving the existing setup. The demonstration, supplemented by cloud-based backup & DR service, convincingly illustrated the merits of a cloud-based storage solution. Impressed by the performance and capabilities of the solution, our customer opted for a seamless data migration to the cloud. The solution deployment involved the deployment of an Additional Domain Controller (ADC) in a leading public cloud provider, leveraging their native compute service. We established a private connection to the cloud infrastructure via VPN.

Resource utilization was closely monitored using cloud logging and monitoring. By using marketplace solutions for storage, we were able to quickly and seamlessly deploy cloud storage, and migrate their on-premises data including permissions, paths and file server names.

Business benefits realized

The data migration to cloud orchestrated by Quadra unfurled a multitude of advantages for our customer. It delivered notable cost savings, heightened scalability, enriched collaboration, augmented data accessibility, reduced IT maintenance overhead, and fortified data security.

These collective benefits streamlined their operational framework, enabling them to refocus on their principal mission of advancing oncology research, thereby, significantly contributing to the global healthcare and pharmaceutical domain. In the words of the customer, "The transition to a cloudbased storage solution not only addressed our data management concerns but significantly propelled our collaborative research endeavours."

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