Transforming employee experience for 20,000+ users at a global pharma leader

Solution overview

Our customer is a leading multinational pharmaceutical company based in India with multiple facilities overseas. With innovation and R&D at the core of their business model, they need to ensure that their workforce could always operate at peak productivity. Employee well-being and empowerment was crucial for their high growth business model. With a substantial part of their employees working from remote locations, and a significant number in a BYOD model, our customer felt the need for providing their staff the right platform that brings together communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights in their flow of work. They were of the conviction that when people thrive, companies flourish. While there has been an accumulation of data handled by the users in the form of mails, files, chats, meeting recordings and notes and a score of other apps that generate structured as well unstructured data, our customer felt the need for insights from this data. This would enable the users to manage their time, schedules and leisure in an effective way. All these would lead to enhanced productivity.

Quadra at work

The customer was already using a leading cloud based SaaS productivity platform for their twenty two thousand users. However, they had not fully customized or leveraged features pertaining to employee experience. When they approached our Cloud Productivity Team, we immediately spotted the opportunity for optimizing their existing solution, as well as enhancing it with new and powerful features that had been made available recently. Being cloud based, they always had access to the latest feature improvements, but there was also a need to make sure that these improvements were fully utilized and translated into real time benefits. With the availability of an employee experience platform, we saw the positive impact that it could create for our customer, in terms of improving productivity and well being with data-driven, privacy-protected insights and recommendations. We highlighted how they could roll out the solution through simple yet powerful templates. By connecting it with data analysis and visualization components, we could help them to interpret the data from various sources for the users to make information-based decisions. After a POC covering various use cases for a pilot audience, we implemented the comprehensive solution for the entire user population spread across the world.

Business benefits realized

By its very nature, the pharma industry demands intense participation from workers, a trend that accelerated during and post the pandemic. More than ever before, there was a need to leverage technology for employee well-being. With our deployment, the customer could realise significant added value from their existing investments. Their staff could now get a daily view of their activities, free time and kind of interactions they have with others internally as well as externally with their clients, suppliers and stakeholders. They had enough information shown to them that helped them plan ahead and manage their time and activities effectively The spare time they had could be utilised for looking after their well being and spending with their family. This improved their productivity substantially unlike the time when they had no analysis and predictability about their everyday tasks. All this could be accomplished in a secure and compliant manner, without compromising on end user privacy. End user training was minimal, as it seamlessly integrated with their existing cloud platform, meaning that the time to returns was instant. We could thus deliver continued and enhanced value for our customer and build on their existing technology investments.

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