Secure your business

From what was once a datacenter or end user concern, cyber security is a board room conversation today, as a single security incident can cause irrevocable damage to a brand, business or even a government.


It is equally important to remember that security is not a point or a bolt-on solution – it must be integrated into an organization’s business strategy for it to be truly effective.


Enterprise trends such as mobility, remote or roaming users, temp or outsourced staff along with social network and cloud computing are changing the traditional approach to security and compliance.

“Assumed breach” is the safest and most preferred approach strategy to cybersecurity, given that hackers and malicious code always seems to be a step ahead. Data classification and encryption, proactive vulnerability assessments and a robust threat intelligence program are some key strategies to cope with the current threat landscape.


Where can Quadra help?


Adopt a holistic approach to security across people, processes and infrastructure.


Design and deployment of security, identity and compliance management solutions.


Vulnerability assessments that span core infrastructure and business applications.


Plan and design of relevant, flexible and user-friendly IT practices and procedures.


Continuous review and improvement.

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Secure your business

From what was once a datacenter or end user concern, cyber security is a board room conversation...

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