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Why digital matters for your business


A crisis always presents new opportunities - new business models are needed.

More than ever before, digital capabilities are central to your business. The events of 2020 have underlined the need to have a digital-first strategy, even as it has accelerated the pace of transformation, and compressing timelines from a few years to a few months. Therefore, it is the time to think different, and think digital. Essentially, every company will become a technology company – the so called “Tech Intensity”.

A survey of the most successful business has revealed that more than 73% of companies are creating their own IP using technology.

The true success of a digital-first strategy is when a business applies digital tools and capabilities to invent their own digital solutions to business problems.

Work is what you do, not where you go

Workplace trends have been evolving over the past few years, but again, the rapid changes brought about by mandatory work from home scenarios have fast tracked these trends and have introduced them into the mainstream work culture.  

Remote work is here to stay, and this also underscore the need for a reset of how business approach their security posture. Businesses also cannot be at the mercy of traditional, physical access to IT assets, and this means that a business continuity plan is a condition of existence. Above all, even as these paradigm shifts take hold, work culture must increase productivity and foster creativity.

Enabling digital transformation as a service

Digital transformation is not an end goal, rather it is a journey. Therefore, businesses need a trusted technology partner who can help them to stay the course and reap long term benefits. With Digital Transformation as a Service from Quadra, we can help you build digital capabilities without huge investments and expense manpower.

  • Quadra helps you to move away from discrete technology deployments to a seamless transition.
  • Quadra offers you a unique combination of ongoing services and custom IP solutions.
  • Studies show that traditional DT approaches have not yielded results.
  • Digital Transformation is an elusive goal - with no clearly defined path or end point.

Building an intelligent enterprise

With Quadra’s Digital Transformation as a Service, your business leverage a strong digital backbone to drive business transformation, and realize a host of benefits.


Effective collaboration with a distributed workforce


Secure, fail safe access to mission critical data


Mitigate future risk to business operations


Automate business process to reduce costs


Build intelligent applications and processes


Help you scale without capex

Intelligent IP Solutions

The need to leverage technology as an integral part of your success has never been as strong as today.


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