Cloud based interactive analytics dashboard streamlines operations and drives efficiencies at 4,000 crore pharma major

Solution Background

One of India's foremost pharma majors, our customer had established a stellar track record in drug development and manufacture. A strong R&D team had helped them to establish industry leadership in the IP-led generics segment. Having expanded through organic and inorganic growth strategies, they were poised to become a global force in the industry. In such a large and diverse organization with a multitude of products manufactured and sold across the globe, it was vital to keep track of key performance parameters. Relying on traditional Excel spreadsheets and canned reports from LOB application was no longer sufficient. Lack of access to timely and on-demand reports was proving to be a major stumbling block in their quest for growth and consolidation. Given the critical nature of these reports, they were on the verge of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for a traditional BI and analytics product.

Quadra at work

Having worked closely with them for the better part of a decade, we had delivered numerous infrastructure solutions and services that had helped them to establish an agile and efficient IT backbone. However, this solution necessitated a much deeper level of engagement. We needed to understand their business and operations like never before in order to help them with a solution for their on-demand, any-time anywhere reporting and dashboard needs. As we embarked on a detailed study of their reporting and analytics requirements, it become evident to us that they had several pieces of the infrastructure puzzle already laid out. All that remained was the ability to create on-demand detailed reports that encapsulated the health of their business and view them, on any device, at any time.  

We recommended the cloud based PowerBI as a perfect fit for their needs, as it helped them to leverage data and gain business insights from their LOB systems in a powerful analytics platform that was simple, easy to setup and customize, and more importantly, viewable on any device or platform. The solution placed very little demands on their datacenter, in terms of compute or customization, and rich, interactive reports could quickly be rolled out to their global workforce.

Business Benefits

The PowerBI deployment, along with SQL Server Analysis Services gave our customer the ability to view drill down, interactive reports. This greatly aided ease of use and flexibility, especially for the top management who could use familiar devices and a simple, intuitive interface. With row level security, they could use a single report format which could present the right data to the right people based on their organization roles and security levels. Access to real time data meant that they could take decisions not based on stale, month old data, but on live data which enabled them to stay on top of emerging trends. With reusable models, they could achieve organization wide consistency in reporting and analytics.

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