Delivering customer connectivity to the last mile with a scalable open source cloud deployment for one of the world’s largest farm equipment manufacturers

Solution Background

Our customer is the third largest makers of tractors in the world, in addition to manufacturing a host of other agricultural equipment. They also help farmers across the country to buy and sell tractors online. They have created an e-marketplace for this purpose. It is a virtual showroom too. A custom web app brings this to farmers countrywide. The click-and-pick app needed a reliable platform for deployment. Our customer also had to develop the app further on the platform. The app also generates a lot of data. Most of it is static in the form of photos. The data required a reliable and expandable database and storage for better management. Over one thousand five hundred farmers are currently using this app. They expect exponential growth in the number of users soon. The usage pattern is unpredictable. They must prepare the app environment for a surge any time. The app server should scale up and down depending on the traffic. It should also be available all the time. The infrastructure needed at their datacenter for this was huge. The estimated cost of hosting the app on premises was enormous. It required an upfront investment of several lakhs of rupees.

Quadra at work

The customer was looking for a cost-effective solution. They were also looking for a trusted partner that could guide them in this critical juncture. The Infrastructure team called Quadra’s technical engineers for a discussion. They were exploring the cloud as an alternative to their on-premises setup. They knew that we had implemented many successful solutions on the cloud. We studied their need in detail. We understood the application architecture well. The public cloud was a perfect fit for their web application. We sat with them to suggest various options that were available on the cloud. Reducing the cost of the infrastructure that they would consume on the cloud was a focus. They did not want to compromise on the performance of the app either. Finally, they zeroed in on a long-trusted cloud infrastructure service provider. The provider had the best combination of services that meet the needs of the app. The infrastructure needed for running the app was scalable up and down. Its Relational Database System allowed deployment an instance of PostgreSQL, a very reliable open source database. It also provided the development team an excellent app development platform. Our technical team ran a proof of concept of the solution for our customer.

Business Benefits

The platform provided the elasticity that the app demanded. Auto scaling option and "pay for what you use" model cut the cost of the services to a fraction. The solution could meet any traffic demand. It would also be available to the users all the time. The database and data storage options were what they needed. It provided the desired security that the data deserved. The developer platform was a boon for the customer. It provided a containerized solution for the application to run in a standard way. We added GitHub as their code repository. The developer can build, test and deploy the application at a rapid pace. It has brought in an effective product lifecycle management system. Above all, we saved the customer the huge upfront investment needed for the solution, as the cloud model provided them a pay-as-you go option. The maintenance cost of the app was almost zero. Users can now access the app with minimal latency. The customer is happy we could perform the role of a trusted technology advisor ably, by keeping their business needs at the forefront.

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