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Business Challenges

Part of a Rs. 35,000 crore business group with interests across the globe, our customer is one of the pioneers in the hospitality industry. In a short span of 15 years, they have accumulated a fast growing customer base of over a lakh members and several beautiful resorts at some of the most exotic locations in India and abroad. Rapid growth necessitated the adoption of a standardized IT infrastructure  as a business enabler.  

Our customer had opted for Microsoft's Desktop Professional stack for their client systems but was facing an immediate challenge – familiarizing the users with the latest desktop tools. Their mails were on MS Exchange and their very minimally used intranet & collaboration portal with the document management system was on SharePoint. The issue was serious as these users were spread across the country in clusters – at various resorts in secluded places and resort offices at cities in proximity. Communication and professional collaboration among the teams was under threat. Several crores of software investment was under-utilized, and presenting a serious challenge to internal IT as well as raising red flags at the senior management level.

Quadra at work

Quadra’s Business Productivity consultants approached this change management question in a professional manner. The team developed a thorough plan to deliver knowledge sharing sessions for the  employees. Care was taken to optimize the time spent with the end-user teams by zeroing in on essential topics that would enable them to continue their everyday activities in a smooth and unhindered fashion. Boosting their efficiency in using cutting edge tools was the focus of our engagement. Decision enabling information generated by LoB applications was provided in real time to the senior executives using the communication and collaboration tools. The IT teams housed in the remote locations were also to be equipped well enough to attend to any helpdesk queries and solve local issues related to these tools as help might not be available from experienced users immediately.

Business Benefits

Our consultants travelled across the country to deliver business productivity sessions that were held in varied locations as the arid Thar Desert, the evergreen Himadris, the exotic Konkan coast and the scenic Western Ghats. We delivered on a uniform end user skilling experience, which the knowledge workers found to be extremely profitable and the time spent, rewarding. Their information circulatory system – email - gained a new and favourable “Outlook”, and productivity from daily use applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and SharePoint applications was at a peak. Our BPG team thus built confidence and ability of our customer’s knowledge workers in effectively and efficiently using the cutting edge tools as part of their daily routine, resulting in a tangible RoI on their software investments.

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