Design and manufacturing major secures mission critical data in the cloud

Solution Background

Our customer is into designing and manufacturing RFIDs, magnetics and memory products. They have met global OEM standards for disk drives, memory modules and power supplies. Over years of research and development, they have a huge IP base. One of their key business needs was to store high fidelity product images. Its volume was increasing fast. They had been using a local file storage system which presented scalability, data access and security issues. Backup was also a key concern, as it would again involve a significant investment in server and backup infrastructure. Further, even an upgrade of the existing system would severely impact their IT budgets. Increasing volumes would mean that they would need to keep investing in enhancing this infrastructure to for optimal performance. It was at this juncture that the customer wanted to explore an alternative solution that would meet their business needs, but not strain their finances. Along with the product image data, they also wanted to identify a reliable and cost effective backup solution for their mission critical ERP data, which was hosted on a commercial database. With over 600 users actively accessing this data at any given point in time, it was imperative that any solution implementation cause minimal end user disruption.

Quadra at work

Having worked with Quadra for the past several years, our customer turned to us to explore a solution to this requirement. As they had already invested in a SaaS based cloud collaboration platform, they were familiar with benefits of the cloud, and how it could help them to build a very reliable and scalable solution without incurring a huge upfront cost. Given that their business needs and constraints were a perfect fit for a cloud solution, our consultants proposed that they invest in a cloud based backup and DR service, which met with the customer’s approval. Using automated scripts and agents, we configured their on-premises file servers and databases to back up to the cloud provider of their choice. As the cloud provider provided blob storage, it suited their need to store product images well, while also providing an agent based backup for their line of business database.

Business Benefits

In this case, we could provide a simple yet reliable and cost effective backup solution to what were disparate data sources – images on one hand, and a commercial database on the other. With the flexibility and scalability of the cloud, we could easily provide an integrated backup solution that was able to handle these two different data types with equal ease and reliability. Given that this data was so integral to their business, access control and data security were of paramount importance. Here again, we could exceed customer expectations, as the cloud provider we chose had robust industry standard security and compliance certifications. RTO and RPO objectives were exceeded, and the need for a dedicated DR solution was also done away with, as the cloud solution offered this inherently. The customer saved  millions of rupees in upfront investment, which was better utilized for core business needs. With built in scalability and a flexible payment model, they could structure their cash flows better. As a trusted technology partner, Quadra had once again risen to the occasion to deliver a solution that perfectly matched their unique business needs.

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