India’s leading insurance provider implements a hybrid collaboration solution for the perfect balance of features, performance and cost

Solution Background

Our customer is one of the nation’s leading providers of health, personal accident and overseas travel insurance.  With over 10,000 employees and close to 500 branch offices, they have a large and geographically diverse infrastructure spread across the length and breadth of India. Over half of these users are mail enabled. The environment was getting complex with many disparate email solutions. They had hosted their primary mail server in their data center. It was a legacy system which was already out of support. Some of the mailboxes were also in various cloud providers, including free email as well as low end cloud services. Some of them were also using enterprise cloud mailing solutions, but these were a minority. This multitude of solutions was compromising their information security. They also had an ageing identity and access management system, which was again out of support. They were at the mercy of support service providers. They were not receiving satisfactory help from existing consultants. Apart from email, there was no other collaboration tool in place. Technology adoption was at snail's pace. They were beginning to feel the pinch of the system. Frequent mail blackouts put the IT team into fire-fighting mode every day. User-side complaints were mounting with no solution in sight.

Quadra at work

The customer approached us for a comprehensive review and a permanent solution to their current woes. They wanted to hold a significant part of their mailboxes on premises. But they also wanted to provide cloud mailboxes to the employees who were on the road. They wanted to provision such mailboxes on the fly. They were also particular about the security of their information. After thorough analysis, our technical team suggested a hybrid deployment, with users split between an enterprise grade on-premises email server, and the equivalent cloud SaaS service for the rest. We recommended moving to the latest version of the on-premises email server to avoid support issues. We also advised them to move a good number of mailboxes to the cloud for greater flexibility and cost savings. We deployed directory services federation on the cloud for their identity and access management. Our dedicated adoption team helped the customer in on-boarding activities, while our technical team moved their mailboxes from other hosts to the enterprise cloud provider. By profiling users according to their work function, we were able to strike the right balance between features and cost.

Business Benefits

Our customer is dealing with sensitive insurance information of millions of users, and this means that they need to uphold the highest standards of information protection – something that the solution that we have deployed is able to provide. They now have a unified mailing solution with enterprise grade features. The IT team can now focus on more business activities than dealing with routine issues that do little to core business needs. They can provision mailboxes for new agents and employees at short notice. Sensitive mailboxes are now hosted in the upgraded on-premises Exchange server. Continuous availability keeps the end-users happy. Apart from emails, the availability of an integrated collaboration suite helps end users to collaborate more efficiently with modern business tools, which support customization and advanced use cases. With the directory federation services also being hosted in the cloud, downtime is a thing of the past.

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