Integrated data management solution for pharmaceuticals manufacturer

Solution Background

One of India's leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and bio drugs major had established a stellar reputation for research, development and production of generics and bio pharmaceuticals. Their world class manufacturing operations at multiple sites and a strong commercial focus had enabled them to reap rich dividends in the market place. Exploding data volumes spread across multiple branches found their existing tools falling short of their business needs. As they expanded globally through growth as well as acquisitions, they needed an enterprise class data management platform that could scale, while providing reliable data management and protection.

Quadra at work

Our services team had uncovered several of their pain points with respect to their data management, and these included their struggles with multiple window backups. At no point in time did they have reliable reports on their organization wide data backup status. As a fall back, they had to resort to manual logging of information, which was a tedious and error prone process, considering the size and complexity of their business operations. Further, the extended backup windows were affecting performance of their server infrastructure during work hours. Degraded production server performance meant loss of end user productivity and escalations, which directly impacted the productivity of their internal IT.

Given their background, our infrastructure consultants recommended Commvault Simpana as it was built ground up on a single platform for organically integrated data and information management. With media agents at branch locations and the server at their head office, we helped consolidate data management tasks across multiple sites, and consolidated the entire management interface into a single pane. To reduce backup windows, our services team configured auxiliary backup jobs which leveraged faster disk and then to the slower tape medium when available. We also configured customized reports in tune with their exact business needs. Alerts could now be delivered via email and even SMS, ensuring that internal IT was always in control and updated. Comprehensive logs ensured that compliance and audit needs were well taken care of.

Business Benefits

From a manual register to customized reports and alerts; from juggling multiple, unconnected windows to a single window view of their organization wide data management status, we helped the customer to simplify daily data management tasks, automate routine work and save costs, while eliminating the business risks with lost data. We optimized and simplified licensing from complex master, media and agents to a single measure – storage. This helped in easy compliance and provided peace of mind, while providing unrestricted access to features and functionality.

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