One of the fastest growing banks in India deploys cloud collaboration solution to boost people productivity

Solution Background

Our customer is a fast growing small finance bank. It is a mass market focused bank and has been growing rapidly by leaps and bounds. It caters to unserved and underserved segments of the society. Before their foray into banking, they were using a mailing solution with limited compliance features. It was Linux-based and had many inherent challenges. With 4000+ mail users in the system, the performance was poor and frequent instances of downtime were all to common. A flood of issues kept the IT team busy all day. They could not venture into new technology areas that would cater to emerging business needs, neither could they upgrade the system due to paucity of time and resources. Information security was extremely difficult to implement and control. With the banking license, several regulations came into play, adherence to which was vital for business continuity. The advent of ransomware has made advanced threat protection a necessity. Among the myriad regulatory norms was the fact that they had to keep intellectual property of the company for scrutiny for years. They also needed to enable periodic auditing of mails and files by external auditors. A document management system was another essential business need.

Quadra at work

Having worked with Quadra in the past, our customer turned to us for a solution to their pressing business needs. Their IT infrastructure had to undergo a drastic transformation. They had to replace their entire mailing system. They also needed a secure platform for collaboration. We took a detailed survey of the existing systems and documented their current and anticipated needs. Based on a thorough understaidn o their business, we recommended that they deploy the market leading SaaS collaboration software. Among the numerous benefits it offered, it had certifications from various agencies that helped our customer to meet their compliance and security needs, including that set by the Government of India. With enterprise grade features that would provide a safe and secure working environment for their end users, we heled our customer to choose a plan that would help achieve an optimum mix of features and cost. Given the current threat landscape, we also recommended adding an advanced threat protection solution to the bundle. Our dedicated teams helped in adoption, change management and data migration, along with deployment of advanced features such as legal hold.

Business Benefits

The cloud based collaboration platform we deployed provided a common and secure platform for all the employees to perform better. They now meet all the requirements that the government demands of a bank. Their emails get protection from spam and virus threats by default. Information protection got a boost with the ATP. It protects users from advanced threats through attachments and links. By using federated directory services, we started with an identity first policy to security. They now have an auditable document management system, while the legal hold feature meets a very critical business need. An external auditor can now audit content using the role-based authentication facility. Above all, we offset a few crores in capital investment by suggesting the cloud. The new collaboration platform, which is always up to date has provided our customer with a sound base for their digital transformation efforts.

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