Life Sciences

Life Sciences

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Business Challenges

Life sciences is a highly fragmented industry, and our customer was grappling with growth and competitive pressures highlighting the need for rapid and sustained innovation at affordable costs. To sustain growth, they had to eliminate inefficiencies which could add time and complexity to development processes.  Faster time to market was critical, as each day delayed could be expensive in terms of revenue.

They had to deal with unstructured and huge variety of data sources, and this coupled with lack of effective collaboration, within and outside the organization made employee productivity a big challenge. They wanted to do away with their paper based systems for production planning,  which made scheduling and monitoring difficult, slow and inaccurate. Above all, an overriding concern  was the stringent compliance needs in the industry.

Quadra at work

Keeping in mind the size and scale of their current operations, yet their need for a robust and scalable IT backbone, we suggested a revamped IT infrastructure  which would provide the framework to address their current and future needs. This was supplemented by our professional services offerings, including remote managed IT services.  Post the implementation, their staff were able to manage multiple sources of information with the help of a centralized database and front end tools, along with an intranet portal.

Business Benefits

We also implemented organization wide search functionality which led to a drastic reduction in  information search and retrieval times. Shared workspaces helped them to better collaborate and structure information interchange. Paper based systems were replaced by electronic workflow, and has been one of the single largest factors contributing to increased productivity.  An enterprise class firewall, together with robust end point protection provided bullet proof security. A reliable backup system has unburdened the management from data loss woes. We thus presented a rich customer experience not just through product solutions, but through best practices and  guidelines to deliver a truly exceptional experience for our customer.

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