Automated software deployment eliminates risk for leading manufacturer

Solution Background

A leading manufacturer of high quality motors and pumps, with exports to hundreds of countries across the globe, was struggling with the ramifications of end of support for their desktop operating system. Continuing on Windows XP would pose thereby significant business risk from a security and compliance standpoint.  With desktops and laptops spread across multiple locations, the size and complexity of the migration effort was daunting. Traditional manual deployment was simply out of question. Further, key business applications had to be tested for compatibility, as any disruption in access to critical software would severely impact productivity.

Quadra at work

Our services team had established sound automated migration, deployment and risk mitigation methodologies. Combined with our experience across multiple platforms and tools, we had the hindsight and skills to approach the project from multiple dimensions, so that we could identify the best possible migration plan that took into account our customer's unique business and technology environments. During the assessment and planning exercise, we identified multiple issues with group policy deployment, leading to sub optimal client management capabilities. These could have significant business impacts in terms of uptime, end user productivity, security and compliance. Another key task was to ensure end user readiness, and enable them to take advantage of the new productivity features for better RoI on this exercise.

Based on our assessment, we recommended using Windows Deployment Services (WDS) for our customer's environment. Using WDS, we customized deployment images with the required business applications, thereby ensuring that a standard OS image was used across the organization. Client disruption was minimal or non-existent, as we used automated tools to reduce IT effort. With a single, standardized image, compliance and IT support were greatly streamlined. Along with a robust Group Policy implementation, our consultants ensured that the new OS deployment also delivered comprehensive client management capabilities.

Business Benefits

Organization wide desktop OS upgrades tend to be highly disruptive in nature, as they can potentially impact end user productivity, while simultaneously straining IT resources. This is why these projects are often postponed until inevitable. Meticulous project management by our experienced consultants eliminated application compatibility, standardization, security and management issues. Thus, our structured and automated approach, backed by deep experience and project management skills helped our customer to make the transition to a modern OS without attendant complexity, downtime, end user disruption or productivity losses.

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