IT-Enabled Services

IT-Enabled Services

Customer experience specialist handling billions of customer interactions per day secures mission critical data using SaaS

Solution Overview

Our customer, a specialist in customer interaction and experience management solutions that help their clients provide superior customer experiences was struggling with threats of data breaches and leakage. They had a huge user-base, most of them holding a desktop or a laptop running a Windows OS. With security threats like ransomware looming large, their IT was looking for a comprehensive solution that could help them prevent any attack, both known and unknown, given the dynamic security landscape. Additionally, with such a huge user-base, there was a huge concern about their network security as threats from inside were also significant in the absence of a unified solution. They did not have a solution to monitor network activity and prevent installation of unauthorized apps. They wanted authorized apps to have a single sign on feature for the benefit of the end-users. They were seeking for a solution that should also include a foolproof identity and access management feature.

Quadra at work

Given their existing investments in a cloud based SaaS platform, our consultants recommended that they build on top of this investment and add additional SaaS functionality on the same platform, that would provide them the safeguards they needed against security and data loss threats. As is the case in most of our customer engagements, our team setup a proof of concept to help the customer visualize and test out the said functionality. This enabled them to build an internal business case and send it for approvals to their management. The solution we proposed took care of data protection and security across all device form factors, while also providing robust protection at the OS level. This also involved that they upgrade their client OS to the latest enterprise versions, to gain access to the full complement of security features – something that our team helped them to seamlessly execute. With the help of an a cloud based analytics solution, we helped our customer to visualize the threat landscape at multiple levels – client as well as network. We also deployed advanced encryption solutions to safe guard client data against accidental leakage, along with enabling secure, VPN-less remote access. We configured policies to automatically classify and protect data based on sensitivity, adding a new dimension to their data protection strategy. Along with cloud based tools to detect and monitor usage of other cloud based applications, we delivered on a whole bouquet of integrated tools that provided the customer with a highly secure, yet easy to manage environment.

Business Benefits

With a unified security solution that met both current and future needs, the customer had access to an industry standard solution that was easy to integrate and manage, even while delivering advanced protection against dynamic security threats. SSO and MFA added additional layers of security against any breaches, and with identity based protection at the core of our deployment, they were secured in the best manner possible. Being cloud based, this environment was rapidly evolving and adding new functionality even as the security landscape shifted. Instead of relying on multiple vendor solutions, we could provide them with a single vendor solution that met their needs far better, at a significantly lower cost of acquisition and management.

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