Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy

Automating active directory migration helps solar energy pioneer to save costs and beat deadlines

Solution Background

In a tropical country like India which is blessed with abundant sunshine 365 days a year, solar energy is one of the primary alternative energy sources that can cost effectively meet the demands of our fast growing nation. A pioneer and industry leader with close to three decades of experience in harnessing the energy of the sun to meet energy demands of industries and consumers, our customer had touched nearly tens of millions of lives and positively impacted the carbon footprint by several million tons. As the industry leader in India, they were set for robust growth, given the increasing awareness and economic feasibility of alternative energy sources. As part of a multi-billion dollar conglomerate, they had decided to merge operations with another group company to achieve operational efficiency. This meant merging their Active Directory forests to establish an integrated identity management across organizations.

Quadra at work

Merging multiple Active Directory forests is a complex and time consuming exercises, and in the case of our customer, executing this manually meant that they would have to spend several man-months in executing the merger. This would also expose them to the possibility of errors and inconsistency in data, which could result in potentially disastrous circumstances. When Quadra's consultants were called in, they analysed their requirements and determined that an automated, tool based migration would be the best way forward. Our recommendation was to use Quest Migration Manager for AD, which was an industry standard tool that would help them avoid the pitfalls in a manual migration, while optimizing cost and efficiency.

As a certified, premium Quest partner, Quadra had the certified resources and skills necessary to carry out the automated migration. Our deep experience and established competency as a global award winning Microsoft partner also meant that we had the end to end experience and knowledge required to deliver on the project with minimal risk. Our professional, project plan based approach meant that our consultants completed the migration without any end-user disruption.

Business Benefits

In a project of this scale and complexity, it is critical that the migration be approached in a holistic manner. The entire process was transparent to the end users, who saw no impact on their day to day operations. Without the need to visit each location or access each device physically, we could complete the project within budget. Even potentially debilitating tasks such as migration of file server permissions were carried out with zero errors. Thus, our experience in large and demanding migration projects enabled us to carry out the project in the most efficient and risk free manner, and within a stringent deadline of just 20 days.

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