Premier healthcare provider collaborates efficiently using public cloud

Solution Background

Our customer, premier healthcare training and services provider is counted amongst the best in the nation. With over 1200 beds and super specialty departments and research institutes, they have been ranked among the top medical colleges in India and enjoyed a 5 star rating from NAAC. As a social welfare institution, they had to be prudent about every rupee of expenditure – money that otherwise could be used to train professionals or provide quality healthcare for the needy. With a view to reduce costs, they had chosen Google Apps for their messaging and collaboration infrastructure.

Quadra at work

When our technical consultants met with their CIO, they highlighted the hidden costs in the form of poor technical support, lack of a robust partner support ecosystem, a complex administrative center along with limited administrator access and poor security which could cause cost overruns, security lapses and data leakage as well as privacy issues. Constant escalations from end users resulted in the management spending a disproportionate chunk of their time in keeping the “lights on”. Along with these IT inefficiencies, poor end user productivity was costing them several million rupees every year, which was a significant sum for any organization, leave alone a social welfare institution. We recommended that they adopt an enterprise class messaging and collaboration platform on the cloud – Office 365.  This would provide them always up to date features in a pay per use model.

Quadra’s technical consultants planned a seamless “cut-off” migration, that involved zero downtime and virtually no end user disruption. The result? An incredibly smooth transition to industry leading cloud productivity services. Within a couple of weeks of the deployment, users were able to experience significant productivity gains and the management could relax in the knowledge that their data was private, secure and in compliance with healthcare standards worldwide.

Business Benefits

As a result of the deployment our customer now had access to enterprise grade tools with proven capability, along with an integrated, familiar yet enhanced user experience, consistent across devices and platforms. The new platform was now HIPAA compliant. And for the first time, our customer had complete control over their data, without intrusive scanning for serving advertisements. The increased mailbox storage and one click collaboration across mail, portal and instant messaging, audio and video conference enhanced end user productivity and cut down travel and communication costs. Once again, an integrated, holistic and well managed project plan driven deployment from our infrastructure consultants helped our customer to mitigate risk during the deployment and ensured a disruption-free switch-over and adoption.

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