Building a CISO dashboard for a global leader in ER&D services

Solution overview

Our customer is a global leader in engineering and R & D services; their expertise in engineering design, product development, smart manufacturing, and digitalization touches every area of human lives. With more than seventeen-thousand users ofITin the system, it was essential for the company to improve, monitor and update the IT security posture and keep it healthy all the time. Their information security team needed to be on their toes and remain agile for any insider threats as well external threats, given the scale and complexity of their operations. They required a fool proof alerting mechanism in case of any attempted breach to the security of the identities, data and apps running from the cloud and on premises data centres. There was also a need for consolidate information from various security solutions that were already in place. A rich dashboard needed to be built and its availability needed to be ensured for the infosec team to access this information at all times even through their mobile phones. This would enable them to identify risks and prepare contingency plans or remediate the unavoidable as quickly as the breach was identified.

Quadra at work

When the customer approached Quadra for a comprehensive solution that met all their needs, we first set down to analyse all security solutions that were already in place but were in silos. We studied how data from these various sources could be imported into a single repository on the public cloud, as that architecture would give them the greatest flexibility and ease of deployment. This also would help them to build the presentation superstructure. Our proposed solution also took into account the need for an intelligent ML based framework that would help not just integrate data from their own sources, but also pull in global insights to give them a truly comprehensive view of their threat landscape. We recommended a versatile, capable and user friendly reporting layer as that would empower them to customize and build on the solution provided without the need to be always dependent on third party assistance. We involved our design teams to make sure that the visual presentation was powerful and informative, and also tailored for the various audiences who would consume this data. Most importantly, it had to be actionable, so that the relevant teams could quickly take preventive steps in real time. With advanced features like natural language query, we provided simple, conversational interfaces to what was a very complex data set behind the dashboard. In any security dashboard, simplicity and actionable insights trumps over any other requirement, and this was the design principle for our team.

Business benefits realized

As a global organization, our customer now has a complete solution in place to monitor, trace and remediate any security incident that occurs at any part of the world from their alerting system that now is available even in their smart phones. The chat bot gives them additional information as to how and why things happened and how to prevent these incidents. It was user-friendly enough that it did not require any end user training or lead time to get fully adopted. Multiple security solutions in silos have been integrated to provide an all-round view of the entire threat environment. Additional investment in new components were avoided because the existing systems were integrated into the new solution. We capitalised on new and emerging features present in the public cloud, and thus reduced costs for the customer, leading to a transformation in the way the customer views and manages emerging threats. Powerful AI and ML features augmented human monitoring and management, and sharpy reduced the possibility of missing small yet vital security signals that could prove to be costly lapses.

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