Cloud based collaboration solution helps general insurance major to defy severe headwinds and pursue growth and innovation

Solution Background

When you're dealing with 5.2 million customers across 115 cities in an industry buffeted by severe headwinds due to slowing growth, rising costs and stalled government reforms – you know that you need to make the most effective use of resources at your disposal if you need to defy industry trends and pursue growth. An on-premises deployment of IBM Lotus Notes was proving to be woefully inadequate in India's first private sector insurance player's quest for team collaboration. The lack of easy customization or application development meant that they could not enhance the system to keep with their growing needs.

Quadra at work

By highlighting the consistent and familiar, intuitive interface of Office 365, we could convince our customer on the productivity gains from new capabilities and vastly reduced administration effort as compared to their on-premises deployment. We pointed out that Office 365 would offer them productivity without compromising on enterprise security or IT control, and help them to meet their goals of fostering product innovation and distribution scale and reach. We presented the benefits of migrating to Office 365 to their executive management, and how the Office 365 modern collaboration tools such as Exchange, SharePoint, Yammer and Skype could help foster innovation by tearing down organizational silos, enabling rich, interactive, instant, on demand connections between employees regardless of location, device or time.

Distance and team barriers would be a thing of the past, ushering in a highly collaborative work culture. Most importantly, this could be done in a secure manner, with enterprise controls and therefore in compliance with strict IT policies for data security and privacy. We delivered on a comprehensively managed project implementation plan, covering data migration, purchase and deployment of third party tools, server and client migration, remote support, helpdesk and end user training, right from their top management to their field teams.

Business Benefits

A rich, familiar interface and a high fidelity experience across devices enabled their end users to do more in less time, thereby ensuring a decline in missed deadlines, apart from happy faces at the end of a work day. With larger mailboxes, employees spent less time searching for information. Confidential information was now safeguarded using RMS and DLP, eliminating incidences of data loss. Employees cross 180 locations could now communicate, and more importantly, collaborate in real time. An all-cloud deployment meant that traditional server management, backup, DR and other routine administrative tasks were virtually eliminated. We could thus free up precious IT management bandwidth and time to help them focus on business centric initiatives, which could directly and positively impact organization growth and revenues.

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