Financial Services

Financial Services

Cloud IaaS & SaaS enables financial services provider to meet growth goals

Solution Background

Our customer is focused on delivering financial inclusion for the urban poor through micro finance and other activities. In spite of a clear founding vision that built their business model on a bedrock of  technology, they were on an antiquated email system that they had adopted as a fledgling setup. Hosted with a public mail provider, and with only basic POP and web access, it was an “unlimited” model with a very minimal cost outflow – hardly a few thousand rupees annually. However, the limited storage along with poor support , security and lack of an SLA were proving to be major stumbling blocks. High incidence of spam was a drain on knowledge worker time and reduced the efficiency of their operations.

Quadra at work

When our consultants analyzed the customer's business model, it became immediately apparent that heavy upfront investments had to be avoided in order to sync with their lean operating costs model, and also in the interests of speedy deployment with minimal administrative overhead.  Cloud was the way to go, and we recommended Office 365 as a scalable, secure and highly manageable solution for their needs. It could stack multiple productivity solutions into an easy to use, unified interface, which was ideal for their growing needs. However, it was not economically feasible to roll out Office 365 for every single user, and they still needed an ultra-low cost solution to handle users who needed only basic email access.

We proposed an Azure VM running an open source mail implementation that would co-exist with Office 365, allowing for the primary mail users to be on the Office 365 platform and enjoy full mail functionality, while the others who need only basic email access could stay on the Azure solution. Affordable, yet scalable and elastic, the Azure solution was a perfect foil to the Office 365 deployment.

Business Benefits

By thinking out of the box and leveraging our expertise on multiple cloud platforms, we could deliver a cloud solution that met all business needs, yet stayed within budget. What's more, this was accomplished without compromising on manageability, security or flexibility. End user productivity was greatly enhanced with enterprise class functionality, and along with an integrated antivirus and antispam, users could now  focus more on getting their work done. There were significant cost savings as the hybrid solution ensured that users could be allocated mailboxes based on their work profile, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. System downtime was almost eliminated due to this architecture and the inherent stability of the platform. Thus, by quantifying productivity gains, user satisfaction and the ability to speed up internal processes, our services team could deploy a solution that delivered positive RoI in a short span of time.

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