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Customer overview

Customer is a Global Capability Centre designed to provide diverse capabilities across functions and expand with SMEs, prioritizing customer centricity and delivering excellence. It is a customer-centric company designed as a Centre of excellence for specialized services to support numerous business needs. A comprehensive, customer-first company and the right fit for all pharma-related services, including technical services. They’re offering services like Life Science Capabilities, Digital Innovation and Capabilities, and Business Services.

Customer has started their cloud journey on AWS and migrated workloads to AWS, with a few applications still on-premises and planning for a complete data center exit. The Customer team wanted to modernize the custom software developed applications to align with current trends and technologies, including DevOps tools and practices.


The Customer IT team has strong expertise in Infrastructure and Security practices. However, they were new to standardized DevOps practices and were searching for tools, preferably on AWS Cloud, to modernize their processes. Their current software development practices lacked a standard SDLC lifecycle, leading to several pain points:

  •  Inconsistent software releases
  •  Improper usage of version control systems
  • Manual builds, tests, and deployments
  •  Lack of developers’ collaboration and project team alignment

The DevOps tooling expertise across application teams was limited. Additionally, the Customer IT team was keen on exploring cloud-native solutions and planned to re-platform SaaS-based applications from traditional server setups to serverless architectural design. They felt that some applications’ resources were not fully utilized, even though the servers were provisioned correctly.

To address these development, design, and deployment pain points, the Customer team sought AWS expertise for solution design and implementation of automated software builds, tests, and deployment processes using Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Deployment (CI/CD) and serverless application design.

Quadra at work

Understanding the business, technical challenges, and pain points, Quadra, as an AWS partner, delivered solutions for DevOps practices using native AWS Developer tools to implement fully automated CI/CD pipelines and re-architect cloud-native solutions.

  • AWS Code Commit for effective source code management to improve collaboration and tracking features for the software development team.
  • Static Code Analysis using AWS Code Guru Reviewer integrated with AWS CodeCommit Repository.
  • AWS Code Build for automated builds, tests, and reports, and AWSCodePipeline for a complete end-to-end CI/CD pipeline setup for fast and reliable application and infrastructure updates.
  • Once the code gets committed, AWS Code Pipeline triggers, pulling the code from the source code repository, executing the build phase followed by tests using AWS Code Build, and deploying the final artifacts to Lambda functions forfor Backend and S3 for Frontend upon successful completion of each stage.
  • AWS Lambda functions as serverless compute for the backend and APIGateway to invoke those functions.
  • Amazon S3 for hosting the frontend, served via Amazon CloudFront.
  • Visibility into pipeline execution with detailed logs and metrics for monitoring and troubleshooting using Amazon CloudWatch.
  • Automated Infrastructure provisioning using AWS CloudFormation.
Quantifiable Improvements

Leveraging Modern DevOps tools and practices improved Customer team’s productivity in several aspects:

  • Fully automated AWS CI/CD solution eradicated the risk of manual-prone errors entirely and accelerated the development cycle by 50%.
  • Leveraged fully managed services, reducing operational overhead on Infrastructure provision and management by 80%.
  • Eliminated individual/developer dependency for builds and tests.
  • Increased developer productivity by 70%, allowing them to focus more on product engineering and delivering new features, as AWS Developer tools automate the builds, tests, and deployments.
  • CI/CD pipelines enable continuous feedback loops, with automated builds and tests providing rapid feedback on Code changes. This feedback loop facilitates quick iteration, bug fixing, and feature refinement based on real-world usage and feedback.
  • Increased services uptime SLA by 99% through implementing high availability architecture for applications and leveraging fully managed AWS services.

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