Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Driving efficiency with centralized information access and retrieval

Business Challenges

A billion dollar global life sciences player with presence across multiple geographies, our customer had grown rapidly since inception to be one of the most recognized names in the industry. From a single location, single digit employee strength,  they had expanded to several thousand employees spread across multiple locations. Given the research oriented nature of the industry, it was critical that their employees were able to communicate, co-operate and perform research and development tasks effectively without barriers.

Their work required aggregating information and expertise from resources located around the globe, which is why they wanted to find the most effective ways for its researchers to collaborate. Emailing documents around and sharing them on traditional file shares was time consuming, difficult to track and deterred collaboration. Size and spread could not be a detriment to their core R&D strength, and it was at this crucial juncture that they engaged Quadra's Services team to identify a solution that would help them to share knowledge and communicate effectively across team boundaries and location barriers.

Quadra at work

The overreaching goal of the project, was to capture the knowledge of various teams in a structured manner and ensure that they could be tapped to drive R&D effectiveness.  Microsoft's SharePoint Server was identified as the best fit for their requirements and infrastructure. We addressed their primary concern of enabling effective knowledge sharing across team and location boundaries with blogs and wikis, structured across departments. Process related documents were organized across document workspaces.

We deployed personal sites to ensure that the customer was able to capture, encapsulate and access information from their several thousand research professionals. People search and knowledge sharing ensured that anyone, anywhere in their global organization could tap into the knowledge of a subject matter expert in an intuitive and efficient manner. With Enterprise Search, users could now precisely locate the right information in a few clicks. Employees could now collaborate and exchange information in real time, even as they authored content.

Business Benefits

A comprehensive and holistic services delivery meant that our customer was able to reap the benefits of the solution from day one of going live. Our unique ability to straddle both ends of the spectrum, with teams skilled in high end services delivery along with an articulate and experienced end user enablement team meant that implementation, migration and adoption was smooth and uneventful. By showcasing our ability to understand business needs and drivers, we enabled our customer to work on an enterprise level, scalable and flexible collaboration and knowledge sharing platform that was also easy to administer and maintain.

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