eLearning solution provider scales delivery to global audiences, increases security and reduces costs by moving to public cloud

Solution Background

Our customer is a leading learning services provider. Thousands of technology enthusiasts worldwide consume their learning solutions. They design their programs for global organizations as well as individuals, and partner with global technology vendors to provide technical courses on specific technologies. Our customer has a large store of virtual machines that contain their learning solution software. They had to secure their intellectual property from hackers or pilferers. Assigning security and access policies not just for VMs, but also for their content was critical to managing content and tracking consumption. It was also desirable that they deliver the content with little or no latency. Competition is intense and customer loyalty is fickle, entirely depending on the user experience. They were looking for a solution that would address their concerns. They needed a trusted partner that would suggest them the best course of action. There were many cloud service providers around. So, they were struggling to make the right choice. An experienced partner was the need of the hour, which is when they turned to Quadra.

Quadra at work

Quadra has multiple customers that are in the learning services domain. We have provided consulting and technical services to them. When our customer approached us for this need, our engineers and the presales team started engaging with them to first understand their business needs. We then analyzed their setup and understood their existing environment. We sat down with them to draw a detailed approach document. We listed multiple options on the cloud that various providers offered. We had to arrive at the right mix of features that would address their business requirements. After much deliberations, they chose on of the top public cloud service providers. Quadra moved their existing VM templates to the cloud using third-party tools. PowerShell scripts also came in handy for our team to automate the process. We chose a firewall from the public cloud provider’s own marketplace to enable secure VPN connectivity. The firewall would also take charge of allocating IPs to VMs. We also automated the starting and stopping of VMs when the users log in and log out. By configuring auto-scale, we addressed the problems they faced with unpredictable nature of the usage of the solutions.

Business Benefits

Moving to the public cloud was a cost-effective solution for our customer. It saved them several thousand dollars because of the pay-as-you-go model. Sunk costs in underutilized and redundant infrastructure would be an unwise move. VM templates enabled deploying VMs without hassle. As the public cloud provider charged only for VMs during actual usage, they were able to optimize their costs on this count as well. Auto switch on and off depending on user login logoff was a real cost saver. Auto-scaling up and down of VMs as per traffic was yet another cost saving endeavour. A cyber-safe atmosphere is the need of the hour for both content providers and consumers. Our customer could now secure their IP better than ever. Auto assignment of IPs for VMs added an essential layer of security. The VPN connectivity provided by the firewall was the safest for end-users. It boosted the confidence of the consumers of the learning solutions. With secure access feature through granular security policies, only authorized users would have access to relevant content. Overall, there was significant improvement in the user experience. Our customer is set for rapid growth in their customer base, and profitability is set to surge due to reduced capital expenditure, along with predictable operational costs.

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