Enabling seamless M&A activity for worldwide healthcare technology solutions leader with modern IT management tools

Solution Overview

A global leader in providing healthcare technology and services to worldwide clients, our customer provides advisory consulting services, custom application development, and data solutions that included application deployment and management, analytics, data integration and governance, software development, testing, and business intelligence. As part of their rapid expansion plans, they had acquired a US based entity. Any M&A activity brings with it a unique set of IT integration challenges, and this situation was no different. For a successful acquisition, our customer’s IT team had to merge AD user accounts, mailboxes and portal data of the new entity to their own IT systems. Given the disparity and technical architecture differences between their respective IT systems, there was tremendous complexity involved in the integration process. In the absence of any standardized process or template, our customer was struggling to identify the best way forward.

Quadra at work

As a trusted technology partner to our customer, Quadra’s expert team analyzed the environments and drafted a solution to address the complex nature of the integration. Any solution that we proposed had to be extremely well thought out, as over a thousand users would be potentially impacted by the migration process. It was important that no data be lost, or that no disruption to end users happen. Any of these scenarios would seriously delay the acquisition, leading to significant monetary and regulatory costs.

Based on our analysis of the environments, our infrastructure team suggested a couple of tools – both from industry leaders. As both were tried and tested solutions which our team had used to good effect in similar migration scenarios, we could provide our customer with confidence and clarity on the way forward. We helped the customer to evaluate the technical and commercial aspects of the proposed tools. Once the customer was convinced and had a go-ahead from their IT leadership, we initiated a well-planned deployment exercise, that had every last detail mapped out to eliminate any possibility of risk or delay. With a phased approach, we migrated user accounts, mailboxes and portal data, with minimal interruption to their end users. In particular, the portal data migration involved more complexity, but our team stood up the occasion and ensured that the customer’s IT team had no cause for worry.

Business Benefits

Any M&A process is a high-stakes, high cost activity with a lot of stakeholders involved. In the case of a listed entity, there is significant interest from the markets to ensure that the integration proceeds smoothly and starts yielding the desired outcomes. Even the smallest negative news can adversely affect the market performance. Integrating the newly acquired business entity with the existing one was completed smoothly without any hitch in a very short time. Our team leveraged all their experience to land a smooth migration, ensuring that most end users hardly were aware that their data had moved over to different IT systems. A combination of deep experience in handling similar scenarios, along with a deep familiarity with the tools and processes ensured that we could deliver a great customer experience.

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