Enabling secure global application access for leading telecom solution player

Solution Background

As a leading manufacturer of telecom solutions for the mainstream industry as well as specialty markets, our customer had presence across multiple countries, including R&D and manufacturing centers. Given the nature of their industry, security was of paramount concern, and protecting their IP as they worked with manufacturing partners across the world was vital to their survival. Supplying to OEMs across the globe, they needed to communicate and collaborate across their offices and with suppliers and vendors. Conventional access methods and traditional tools did not provide the flexibility that they were looking for.

Quadra at work

A detailed discussion and study of their infrastructure and business needs provided us some critical insights. Data leakage was a major concern, and they had experienced instances in the past where they had business critical information appropriated by external users. Another key business requirement was optimal utilization of their software investments, especially niche engineering tools that were extremely expensive. With users across multiple countries, it made sense to leverage differences in time zones and provide secure, stable access to these tools to users regardless of location.

In order to provide secure, scalable and reliable access, we recommended and implemented Citrix XenApp and Citrix Branch Repeater. While XenApp provided application access across multiple devices, Branch Repeater was deployed at their various locations to accelerate application delivery and optimize bandwidth utilization across multiple networks.  With a virtual application delivery solution in place, the customer could now provide the freedom of mobility to their business users, while at the same time increasing security and reducing costs. The superior end user experience in a highly scalable package provided the best of both worlds for our customer.

Business Benefits

As in any production environment, a disruption free deployment is one of the biggest demands, and our team rose to the occasion admirably, delivering yet another well managed, project plan driven implementation that minimized end user disruption. IT could now have visibility into application performance, enabling them to optimize the end user experience. Deep experience with multiple deployments across various business scenarios enabled our team to articulate and recommend innovative, yet cost effective solutions that helped address key business issues. With the solution in place, critical business data was now secure, without compromising on application access across a range of devices and across locations. Expensive investments in engineering tools could also be effectively leveraged by users across time zones, and this in itself delivered significant return on investment.

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