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Business Challenges

Our customer, a fast growing retail marketing and distribution conglomerate with over 3,000 crores in revenues, was grappling with security challenges. Today's fast evolving technology landscape presents complex security threats that can derail the biggest organizations. Paradoxically, the Internet is also the conduit for some of the greatest threats to today's economy. During the course of a security assessment engagement with Quadra, they realized that their current setup was incapable of scaling up to meet their growing demands, as well as provide adequate protection against emerging threats.

Quadra at work

Most enterprise security solution deployments fail to meet their intended goals because of overriding complexity. One of our guiding principles in customer engagements is to ensure that technology deployments are manageable and business focused. For the first line of defense, our security services

team zeroed in on an enterprise class firewall solution from one of the leading enterprise security providers, which provided the best fit for their business requirements, including remote access and secure email coupled with flexible and granular policy based management. We helped the customer to expand their range of possibilities beyond initial cost of acquisition, and helped them to focus on total cost of ownership.

In order to ensure 99.99% uptime, we also configured a highly available solution, that ensured redundancy in the event of a device failure. With secure remote access in place, internal LoB applications could now be made available securely over the Internet, thus boosting employee productivity. We ensured that the end users were screened from the complexity of the underlying infrastructure, so that the benefits of the solution were immediately apparent without any need for retraining or end user reconfiguration. Our security team's engagement encompassed the whole gamut of services, and helped the customer to configure  centralized policy based network security management, along with active monitoring and reporting. This ensured a real time view into network events, thus delivering intuitive compliance and usage reports from a unified interface.

Business Benefits

With the help of a structured and business focused engagement, Quadra could remove the complexity from a typical security deployment, and demonstrate the effectiveness of the solution in terms of tangible benefits such as end user productivity, reduced IT burden, apart from a unified security and compliance reporting window. By focusing on reducing complexity and underlining simplicity of use and management, our security services team delivered on a comprehensive security solution, that eliminated a single point of failure, provided granular protection against current and future network threats, while at the same time providing peace of mind and low cost of ownership

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