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Business Challenges

India is one of the most under insured nations in the world, and presents some of the highest growth potential for any insurer. However, there are several unique challenges to the insurance industry in India, starting from a fundamental lack of awareness, to government regulations as well as huge rural base, spread across the length and breadth of the country. With de-regulation, private insurance companies have been quick to wake up the market potential, and this is exactly what our customer, one of the leading private health insurers with a unique business model sought to achieve.

With several innovative and customer friendly, transparent processes, they were leading the industry. Tear away growth also brought in some exceptional IT challenges – they were struggling to streamline internal IT service delivery. With a huge number of IT assets in place, IT asset  life cycle management was quickly spiraling out of control, leading to losses in efficiency and diminishing returns on IT investments.

Given the huge volume of paper work in the industry, and the daily run rate nature of the business, IT systems availability monitoring was critical to drive business growth and customer satisfaction. There was no proper IT service desk to speak of, and internal dissatisfaction with IT was causing productivity losses, along with poor customer service and response times.

Quadra at work

During the course of an infrastructure optimization exercise, Quadra's consultants uncovered several gaps in their internal IT service delivery and management processes. The need of the hour was an enterprise grade IT service management system that would provide end to end service management functionality through a modular and seamlessly integrated package. Our close partnership with one of the leading ITSM solution providers meant that we had the perfect solution to deal with their requirements. The hub and spoke architecture, with IMS probes at every location reporting to a centralized server meant that they could easily scale out and manage their fast growing network, without loss of control.  Features implemented included compliance management, network management, SLA management and service desk, along with management reports.

Business Benefits

Our customer now had access to an automation framework which helped them to automate routine tasks. The modular architecture of our solution meant that they could quickly snap on additional functionality as their environment matured. Business health, SLAs and critical alerts were now accessible through an unified dashboard, along with flexible and granular reporting. This translated into efficient and complete control of their infrastructure, aligned with their organizational processes, which meant that IT was now free to focus on business initiatives. Thus, we helped transform IT into a proactive asset that could power strategic initiatives and propel the next level of business growth.

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