IT-Enabled Services

IT-Enabled Services

Leading BPO solutions provider takes control of 45,000+ end points with a modern system management solution

Solution Overview

Our customer is an Indian pure play business and service provider headquartered in Bangalore, and part of one of India’s largest business conglomerates. With over 50,000 employees, they have operations across the globe, with a significant portion of their workforce based out of India. Through organic growth, as well as a series of acquisitions, they had experienced rapid growth in headcount as well as IT assets, and this was increasingly difficult to manage. With these assets being spread across multiple locations, and across different Active Directory domains, internal IT was finding it very difficult to control and securely manage this diverse infrastructure.  Even routine tasks such as patch management were proving to be herculean tasks. As they catered to a wide base of global customers, they had to adhere to stringent security and compliance regulations. Without a system management solution in place, they were hard pressed to make these changes manually, and risk inconsistency in IT policies, possibly leading to non-compliance with customer policies.

Quadra at work

Our customer approached us for a dependable and scalable solution to address their asset, device, application and patch management challenges. Our technical experts had several rounds of discussions with our customer’s IT team to understand the challenges better. Developing the system architecture for such a large and complex network was not an easy task, and our team developed the final architecture over multiple iterations with the customer’s IT team. Various factors such as availability of bandwidth, and the ability to scale and extend the management interface across multiple Active Directories had to be considered.

The chosen solution, an industry standard system and network management software, was deployed with redundant infrastructure and multiple management points, in a distributed management model, to accommodate their unique needs and business scenarios. A dedicated team of consultants was deployed on site, as well as remotely to pilot and carry out the deployment, in double quick time.

Business Benefits

When you handle sensitive customer data from global enterprises, running into millions of customer records around the globe, the need to be secure and compliant cannot be stressed enough – this was exactly the core business need that we could resolve with our deployment of the system and network management solution. Multiple stakeholders, from IT to security and compliance teams were now able to breathe easy, as their tasks of regular audits could now be carried out quickly, and more importantly, in an accurate and compliant manner. Thousands of valuable IT pro man hours were saved, which could be profitably deployed in more critical business tasks.  From an executive management point of view, they could now present accurate data during client reviews, instead of having to struggle with disparate reports and poor audit findings. This resulted in them achieving a high level of client confidence, bolstering their ability to seek repeat as well as additional businesses.

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