IT-Enabled Services

IT-Enabled Services

Leveraging PaaS to redefine application development and delivery for one of India’s leading KPOs

Solution Overview

Our customer is involved in production, supply and documentation of readymade non-customized software has a user-base of around 800. Their .Net-based Applications & Mobile Apps API were deployed in On-Premises Servers. As their customer base started growing, their application dev/test environment required expansion which required huge capital investments. But, the fluctuating demand pattern of the industry also posed a serious challenge to size the expansion. There was no data to analyze the usage of the application nor were there automated testing and monitoring tools. As a trusted partner, Quadra was called to address the situation that was getting complex fast. After thorough analysis of the environment and subsequently understanding the pain points and additional needs, we recommended an Azure PaaS solution. We recommended a conversion of the 2-tier application to a 3-tier application to address the security issues (Front End, Web API & SQL database).

Quadra at work

Quadra’s technical team demonstrated the power of the Microsoft Azure PaaS – a cost effective solution for deploying .Net applications on the cloud. When the customer was convinced of our recommendation to a 3-tier conversion of their application, we immediately facilitated a tenant in Azure. Our customer’s Custom front-end App and related APIs were deployed in Azure PaaS as cloud Web Apps with an auto-scalable SQL DB as the back-end database. Web Jobs have been used to run scheduled tasks. Additionally, a Blob Storage has been included for secure data storage. A lean Dev/Test environment has also been setup in Azure to facilitate further finetuning of the application.

Business Benefits

After the movement of the on-premises application and data to the Azure cloud Apps services, our customer has a secure highly scalable platform to meet their demand surges. Their data is securely stored in a reliable store and allows for policy-based access. End to end application monitoring with Application insights helps them analyze the performance of their application real-time. They now have a maintenance free and cost-effective dev / test platform. There is also a huge cost saving on maintaining the IT infra on-premises.

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